Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Our Summer Bucket List - 2016 Edition

Every summer, Ella & I sit down and brainstorm a bunch of fun things that we want to do while we're home together! (You can see our 2015 list here!) Some of the ideas are small & simple. Others are a little more grandiose. The heart of the list though is fun & togetherness. 

Even if we don't check off all the items, it's fun to write the list together, post it on the fridge, and refer back to it when we have a free day. With Ella off to Pre-K in the fall, I'm especially looking forward to our Wednesdays together, when Olivia will go to Miss Jennie's & I'll have Ella all to myself! So without further adieu...

2016 Summer Bucket List:

  • Blow Bubbles 
  • Go to the Zoo
  • Visit the Splash Pad 
  • Have a Playdate with Keith & Jack 
  • Celebrate Livy's First Birthday
  • Go to the Beach
  • Have a Playdate with Addy 
  • Celebrate Ella's Fourth Birthday
  • Go to the Lake House 
  • Go to Day Camp
  • Take Swim Lessons 
  • Go to the Trampoline Park
  • Take Daddy Lunch at Work 
  • Visit the Beach 
  • Have a Lunch Date with Aunt Britt 
  • Play in the Sprinkler
  • Learn to Ride a Bike 
  • Go to See Finding Dory at a Movie Theater
  • Teach Livy to Walk 
  • Get Ice Cream 
  • Visit the Library
  • Make Playdough 
  • Take a Trip to Grammy & Gramps' House in Virginia 
  • Go to a Festival 
  • Visit an Aquarium 
And even though Ella & doesn't know it's on the list... 
Whew... I think that should keep us busy! We'll be spending a lot of time swimming, eating popsicles, and taking long walks too. I cannot wait for this summer to begin! 

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