Thursday, March 3, 2016

Life Lately

Life is finally starting to slow down a little around here & I'm finally catching my breath again after two months of going non-stop. Here's a slice of what we've been up to with all of our free time! 

Ella's new favorite thing to do is to come home & work on her "sticker projects." She could spend hours doing these & I'm happy to oblige because it gives me time to change my clothes, get dinner started & throw a load of laundry in! 

This week my sister is in Orlando with her in-law's & we're watching her dog, Barkley. Technically, Ella is dog sitting, but we all know who is really doing the work. He feels the need to sleep right in between Eric & I at night, so we will not be sad to send him back home with his mom on Saturday! 

This girl thinks she is hot stuff these days! She loves riding in the cart & kicking her feet. She made tons of friends in Trader Joe's on Sunday :) 

My boss' daughter has grown out of her Sofia the First phase & decided to pass along her bathrobe to Ella! Ella loves it & has been wearing it after her baths every night. She's so funny though because she refuses to wear it over her pajamas! It's either a pull up & her bathrobe or pjs - no mix & matching. 

Livy looks happy in this picture, but she's been going through an awful sleep regression this week. I'm quite sure it's her top teeth coming in & making her miserable. We'd completely transitioned her to her crib & she was sleeping through the night, but now she's up at least two times per night and impossible to get back in her crib. No matter what it is, I want it to be over with so I can get some sleep again! 

We had some decent weather (as in the mid-50's) on Sunday, so Ella & I took advantage to go out for a walk together. She kept me entertained the entire time with all of her stories & grand ideas. I swear, the things that she comes up with & the stories that she remembers are hysterical. I have no idea where half of it comes from, but it's my favorite! 


  1. My daughter could spend hours doing sticker projects and I don't mind it one bit!


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