Thursday, February 11, 2016

Falling Off the Face of the Earth

While it certainly wasn't intentional, I seem to have fallen off the face of the (blogging) Earth this past week or so! What can I say, sometimes life happens. So I thought I'd pop in today & share what has been going on since we last chatted...

  • We had Olivia's six month photos taken! My sister got a really nice camera for Christmas, so she did them for us & I think they turned out great. I'll be sharing them soon, but here's an unedited sneak peak. 

  • Olivia got RSV. It wasn't super scary, admitted to the hospital RSV. I'm still praising Jesus for that. It was certainly bad enough though. Other than a cough here & there, she's on the mend now and happy as can be again. 
  • Report cards & progress notes got sent out. Missing two days of work to stay home with Livy really threw me for a loop. I was way behind when I returned & had to kick it into overdrive to get everything in the mail on time. I know all of my teacher friends can relate to this. Report cards suck and if you're a special education teacher, you know that progress notes are the only thing worse than report cards.
  • I hit my goal weight! I'm so excited that I'm firmly back in the 120 range. The best part though is that when I slipped on my favorite jeans this morning, they were perfect. A little wiggle room in the waist, but not too slouchy in the legs. Time to start toning up for summer! 
  • I completely changed my cheer routine - twice. It all started with two girls who are going to be out of town for our last competition. Just when I had all of that squared away, one of my flyers broke her ankle at practice on Monday. So, now we're on what feels like the 17th version of the routine. Thankfully, my girls are awesome & have pulled together to make it all happen. 
Add that to a whole lot of being a mommy, wife, teacher, and coach - and life has just been chaotic. The season ends Saturday at 1 p.m. & I'm on February Break all next week, so I can't wait to get back into my routine & keep sharing with you all! 

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