Wednesday, January 13, 2016

When I Win Power Ball...

Like the rest of the country, everyone at school is abuzz over the big PowerBall drawing tonight. 

We all have our tickets ready & my principal was even in the hallway telling students goodbye because today was going to be his last day! The kids of course thought this was hysterical and we've all been discussing what we'd do if we won the jackpot. I'm aware that most of my list is pretty practical, but here it is....  

1- Pay Off All Of Our Debt

Do you know how awesome life would be without any debt? Pretty freaking amazing. If I could get rid of the car payment, the mortgage, Eric's student loans, both of our credit cards - my life would be such a breeze! I HATE paying bills & worrying about deadlines, so this would be first on my list. 

2 - Buy New Cars

I'm not talking about Maserati's here people, but I'd buy a large SUV for Eric & a fully loaded mini van for myself. Normally, I hate the car buying process, but when you can just hand them a wad of cash, it's a whole different ball game! It'd be so easy that we'd even replace Eric's mom's van - which is a 1998 Ford Windstar & absolutely falling apart. She refuses to part with it though, so we'd just buy her a new one & leave it in her driveway with a huge bow on it. 

3 - Move

I love our little starter house, but that's exactly what it is. It's little & it's a starter house. I'd move us into our forever home, which would essentially be something straight out of Fixer Upper. Think a huge island in the kitchen, white marble everywhere, and tons of room to host all the family holidays.  

4 - Take Our Whole Family to Disney World

I'm not just talking about Ella, Livy & Eric. I mean ALL the grandparents, ALL the aunts & uncles, ALL the cousins. No cost spared. Ears for everyone! 

5 - Build My Own Cheer Gym 

I love teaching, but coaching is my real passion. I'd love to own a cheer gym that hosts its own all-star teams as well as offered tumbling lessons. If I won PowerBall, I'd finally have the capital & time to pursue that passion. 

I know you've thought about it. Comment & let us know what you would do if you won tonight!


  1. We didn't even buy tickets. My mom has been hounding me about it since the last 2 went without a winner, but I just didn't feel like going to buy tickets. I guess I'm lazy lol. My list looks a lot like yours though. Maybe I'll play now that the hype is down and just win a smaller jackpot. Hahaha.

  2. Did you win anything? I decided to play Powerball online and that was just a lose of 2 dollars. The list is indeed practical especially the first 3 points. I'd do the same. I'll continue playing for the huge pots as if you are not in it you won't get anything.


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