Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Show & Tell - Momfessional Moments

I would have to say that 95% of the time, I can take pride in myself as a mother. I love my girls & would do just about anything for them. But all mothers know, there are moments that things just fall apart, so today I'm linking up with Andrea for some "momfessions." 

I Forgot the Cord 

One of the biggest mistakes I've ever made in life was buying Ella a Sofia the First album on iTunes. We listen to it non-stop & somedays I just can't take it. On those days, I tell her I left the cord at home & that we no choice but to listen to the radio. 

Mommy's Phone is Dead 

Ella loves to watch Disney Jr. on my phone at cheerleading practice. The majority of teh time, it's not a big deal, but when I actually need my phone at practice & tell her no we go into meltdown mode. So, to avoid a scene, I now tell her that my phone is dead & then proceed to sneak peaks at it while she entertains herself with all the other toys that she insists on packing. 

Speaking of Shows...

Ella may watch more TV than she should. I justify it with the fact that even though the TV is on, she's also running around playing dress up, cooking us a meal, and performing a dance recital. The girl is a multi-tasker like her mama. 

It's Too Cold to Wear That 

Whenever Ella asks to wear something that I don't want her to, I tell her it's too cold out to wear it. She's not very well versed on temperatures & dressing for the weather yet, so for the time being it's a viable excuse. 

Fruit Snacks Count as Fruit Right? 

Ella is absolutely addicted to Welch's Fruit Snacks. She eats them like crack. We buy the huge box of them at Costco & store it in our lazy susan. The problem is that now she knows how to open the lazy susan, she is helping herself to them & we keep finding the wrappers throughout the house! 

So like I said, I'm definitely not perfect. No mama is... have anything to confess? 


  1. I have totally used the "phone is dead" trick too. It seems to be "about to die" all the time! Haha

  2. Fruit snacks are totally fruit. At least that's what I tell myself too!

  3. hahah i always tell myself its ok to have a few fruit snacks too because it's fruit ;) so glad i came across your blog and hope youll stop by mine!


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