Thursday, January 14, 2016

Losing the Fluff - Week 2

So I totally meant to take new progress pictures to accompany this post, but I woke up about half an hour later than intended this morning, so that didn't happen! Whoops! I still wanted to give you a recap of how things are going though, so here is the picture-less edition of Week 2's Progress Report. 

Progress: This morning, I weighed 130.5 when I stepped on the scale, which I'm really happy with. At that weight, I will win the Diet Bet & get my money back. I'm also feeling far more comfortable in my jeans again and have felt my energy returning. 

What's Working: I've been tracking every bite I've taken since January 1st - the good, the bad, and the ugly. I'm trying really hard to hit my protein goal every day & keep my fat intake in check. I know most people struggle with carbs, but I actually crave fats more because I love cheese! 

What Else is Working: My step goal of 10,000 is keeping me moving every day. Ultimately, I'd like to get more intense workouts in, but between coaching & my kids, that just isn't feasible right now. So I'm doing my steps, planks, and squats. 

Setbacks: I got a HORRIBLE stomach bug last Friday. My step total for the day was less than 1,000. I barely moved. It may have helped me lose a few pounds in the short term, but the dehydration & weakness took me awhile to recover from. It also kept me from achieving my weekly goal of 70,000 steps, which I was really angry about. 

Plans for Week 3: I have Monday off & the kids are going to be with Eric's mom, so I should be able to get a run in. I'm also going to go beyond my breakfast prep & prepping lunches for next week too so I can incorporate less processed foods at lunch. 

And I just love this quote I found on Pinterest... you have to make it happen! 


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  1. Can you give tips for getting steps in? I'm a teacher too and get around 7K a day. I love your goal of 70K a week.


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