Thursday, January 7, 2016

Losing the Fluff 2016 - Week 1

In my January goals post, I mentioned that I'm partaking in the Skinny Meg Diet Bet this month. My goal during this challenge is to lose 4% of my bodyweight, and ultimately my goal is to get back to 128 pounds. I know a number on the scale isn't as important as how I feel, but I've been at this for 10 years now & know that 128 is where I feel the best. My plan is to get there, then switch my focus to toning & getting back into my running. 

After talking to several friends with two kids, they warned me that losing the baby weight the second time around would be far more challenging than it was with Ella. They were right. I have really had to reevaluate some things to see progress & have come to the conclusion that to get back to where I want to be, I need to get out of my comfort zone & buckle down. This is going to be difficult as this month is prime competition season - I have a competition every weekend this month - but I think that added challenge will just make me stronger in the long run! 

So this is me on Saturday... 

In this picture I weigh 136.5 pounds. Umm.... yeah. That's a lot for me. A ton of that was water weight & bloat from holiday eating, I mean I'd just gone to Cheesecake Factory the day before, but a lot of it is lack of discipline too. 

And funny story about those Nike Pros. My cheerleaders wear them every day. They love them. I think they look really cute ON THEM, but didn't really think that I could pull them off myself. The team got me a very generous gift card for Christmas though & assured me that I'd love them if I just tried them. So I did. And they're right. These are so comfy! I cannot wait for it to warm up so I can wear them around the house all the time. (And I've already promised Eric that I will not wear them out of the house other than to run. Because apparently that was a concern for him...) See, I'm already out of my comfort zone! 

This Week's Workouts: 

12/31 - Vinyassa Yoga to sweat out 2015 

1/1 - 10,048 steps mainly done pacing around my house because I refused to start the year with less than 10,000 + Squats 
1/2 - 2 mile walk 
1/3 - 3 mile walk/run with Charlie + Squats & Abs 
1/4 - 25 minute walk on my lunch break 
1/5 - 2.5 mile interval run on the treadmill with 1% incline + weights 
1/6 - 25 minute walk on my lunch break 

Between weather, practice, and my kids, I'm relying heavily on walking/my steps to burn calories each day. My run on Tuesday felt amazing though & I'm hoping to find ways to squeeze more of those in - even if it means I have to bundle up & deal with the cold. I also just signed up for a free trial with Grokker & am going to try those this coming week as well for more strength training. 

And in case you need a dose of motivation, I just loved this post on Instagram from @fitforhisglory! She posts great workout motivation that is based on scripture. So inspirational! 


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