Monday, January 4, 2016

January Goals

Happy Monday Everyone! If you're day is going anything like mine, you're struggling just a little bit. I was so insanely proactive yesterday - I prepped meals for the week, packed bags, laid out outfits, loaded the car - but a little lake effect snow still made my morning hectic! Even though I live in Upstate NY & am totally fine with driving in the snow, I'm always worried about the other people on the road. Are they texting? Do they have bad tires? What if there's black ice? Ugh... winter. Thankfully we made it & the kids are safely at Miss Jennie's & I'm safely at school! 

I normally start my monthly goals posts with a recap of the previous month, but since all of my December goals were Christmas related, I feel like it's sufficient to say that we had an amazing Christmas with family & that I achieved all of my goals! And while I LOVE Christmas, I was super excited to get everything packed away & to reclaim my house. January is all about a clean slate & a fresh start, and that is exactly the focus of my January goals! 

January Goals: 

  1. Lose 4% of my body weight - I'm doing this through Skinny Meg's Diet Bet! I've never done one before, but I'm hoping that having a little money on the line will hold me more accountable! I have about 5 pounds to lose, which is totally practical! 
  2. Hit 70,000 steps per week - A year after I got it & I'm still in love with my FitBit! I'm really going to focus on being diligent about hitting my step goal every day, but if something comes up, I can still make up the steps on another day. 
  3. Zero Fast Food - This one could be really hard because I will be on the go quite a bit this month, but I know that fast food of any kind, even a morning bagel, is my downfall. I need to focus on prepping breakfast & lunch to take with me every day & ordering salads if I do find myself out for dinner. 
  4. Zero Clothes Purchases - So if you think zero fast food is going to be hard, this is going to be torture! But it's winter. I just got a bunch of beautiful new clothes for Christmas, as did my kids. So until January 31st, no clothing purchases allowed! 

So there you have it, my January goals. I'll be back with a (rather embarrassing) fitness update tomorrow & talking about how I intend to kick butt with the Diet Bet! 

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