Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Everyone! It's cold & snowy here, but it's also the start of a THREE DAY WEEKEND! #andalltheteacherssaidamen It's been forever & a day since I did a Friday Favorites post, so we've got lots to cover! 

First up, I have to share this fab bag with you all while it's still on sale! I totally have to credit my mom with this find. She said it kept coming up on Keep & she just loved it, so she eventually pulled the trigger. I loved it from the moment I saw her with it & borrowed it for Black Friday shopping this year. Well apparently great minds think alike, because Shaeffer recently featured it on a Nordstrom sale collage when it went 50% off. I snatched one of my very own up at that point & it just arrived! I'm still totally in love with it & love that the "Tan/Greige" color is so versatile. Unfortunately, that color is no longer in stock but the black is gorgeous too & this would be a perfect staple crossbody for your collection! 

In other shopping news, I am loving this layering tee that I got from Banana Republic for Christmas. It has been perfect for popping out from underneath from sweaters - like I wore it in the picture above - but I can also see myself wearing it with shorts & flip flops all summer long too. It's extremely versatile & just happens to be 40% off this weekend, making it less than $20! 

The girls have been getting lots of use out of their favorite Christmas presents too! I had every intention of doing a round up of the awesome stuff they got because our families just nailed it this year, but that didn't happen so I'll just share each of their favorites right now instead. 

My dad made Ella a dress up closet for all of her costumes & she is obsessed with it. She currently has Anna, Elsa, Belle, Jasmine, and Sofia dresses, but is adament that she's going to add a Snow White to her collection too. Every night she has one on right up until bedtime & sometimes she just lays them out on the floor to admire them. Total girly girl! 

Olivia's favorite present was from her Uncle Kevin, who got her a stuffed unicorn from Pottery Barn Kids. Livy loves his horn & is constantly playing/eating it! My father-in-law named her unicorn Spike  & we all thought that was hysterical, so Spike it is! 

And last, my favorite baby turned six months on Wednesday! I just cannot believe that my sweet Livy is already half a year old. Knowing that this is our last makes me want to cherish my time with her that much more & even though I'm so excited that she's sitting on her own & eating baby food, I kind of wish that I could just freeze her sweetness as it is now because she really is the happiest baby ever. 

Have a Great Weekend! 


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