Sunday, December 20, 2015

There's Still Time to #SpreadCheer

If your weekend has been anything like ours, there's only one word to properly sum it up - chaotic. We were on the go all day yesterday for The Polar Express and between grocery shopping, present wrapping, and cleaning - today has been non-stop too! But when Ella went down for a nap & football came on to preoccupy Eric, Olivia & I retreated to the kitchen to bake some holiday treats to share with loved ones! 

I absolutely love how simple Betty Crocker made it for me to whip up some delicious treats without a huge grocery list or a huge mess! I opened up the packages, added a few eggs & some oil, and voila - my cookies & cupcakes were baking in no time! 

I had a little fun decorating too, using red frosting & some marshmallows to make Santa hat cookies & cupcakes! Eric was picking on them, but I think they turned out adorable & I can't wait to spread some cheer with them tomorrow! #itsthethoughtthatcounts

Want to do the same? Betty Crocker has all of the free printables you need to pack up a festive plate of treats & #SpreadCheer this week! Be sure to share on your social media using the hashtag #SpreadCheer so we can see all of everyone's great ideas! 

Oh! And guess who showed up while I was putting this post together to spread some cheer herself? My sister! She brought over a recipe that she found on Betty's Crocker's website using regular chocolate chip mix then dipping the cookies in chocolate! They're so good! 

clearly Ella couldn't wait to dig in! 


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