Monday, December 14, 2015

The North Pole

This weekend, we took a trip to North Pole, NY to visit Santa's Workshop! Now, before I get started with our recap, I do want to warn you that if you go, it's pretty cheesy. The park isn't well maintained & it's a drastic throwback into the 70's with the costumes & shows. As an adult, you look around & think "OMG I just paid $22 for this?" But if you're three years old, it's pure magic and this trip was all about Ella, so it was worth it. 

Now, let's get on with our trip! We drove to my parents' house in Saratoga on Friday afternoon & had dinner with them that evening. I'm very glad Eric & I decided to take a half day from work because it allowed us to arrive at 4:30 p.m. & get settled in before we headed out for dinner. It also allowed me to visit the local candy shop with my mom before it closed on Friday evening :) 

Saturday morning, we woke up & immediately started getting ready for our trip. The North Pole is near Lake Placid, which is about a 2 hour drive from my parents' house. We were on the road by 9 & after a minor detour, made it to the North Pole by 11:15. 

Livy did a whole lot of car sleeping this weekend... 
Our first stop in the park was to ride a few rides! Ella is getting so brave, she didn't hesitate for a second before hopping on these! 

Then, we hit up the reindeer barn. The handlers let us pet Rudolph & they were walking Blitzen around the park too. 

Next, we watched Santa's proclamation, where he assigned all of his helpers their jobs for the day. This was Ella's first glimpse of Santa too, and it's where she started to get excited! 

Now, Santa went on his lunch break right after the proclamation, so my sweet dad had the good sense to stand in line, even though he wouldn't be back for an hour. Thank goodness he did too because that line got crazy! While he waited, we visited Santa's workshop & did some coloring. 

Finally, it was time to meet Santa! The set up is very cute & only one family goes in at a time, which made the whole experience very special. You go from a waiting room, into Santa's bedroom while you're on deck. Livy & Ella decided to take a snooze... 

Then the big moment! I was holding my breath the entire time that Ella would love Santa this year... and she did! She ran right up to him & hugged him! 

Seriously, these pictures just make me so happy... 

After we met the big guy, we did one last ride on the train! 

Then, we headed into Lake Placid to Eric's happy place... 

I've never ate at the Lake Placid Brewery myself because the year I went with Eric on the Placid trip it was a snowstorm & we barely left the house, but it was fantastic! I had this mac & cheese that I loved & everyone else's food look great too. 

We got home from the park around 6:30, but it felt like midnight. All the fresh air & driving really wore us all out. 

The next morning we woke up, repacked, had breakfast at Cracker Barrel & headed back to Rochester. It was a whirlwind weekend with lots of driving, but it was so worth it to see Miss Ella wrapped up in the magic of the season! 

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