Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

Thanksgiving Day: 

We woke up at the country house on Thanksgiving Day & started things off with a party in Grammy's California King. Olivia was happy to see her Aunt Britt had magically appeared while she was sleeping & Ella was excited to watch the parade. 

We eat dinner early at my grandma's house, so the boys started prepping the turkey for the frier at 9:30. They injected it with garlic butter & it was so delicious. 

It was a nice day, but not nice enough to sit outside & drink a beer if you ask me. They seemed happy though. 

While they were outside, I was inside getting the kids bathed, dressed & packed up for the day. Livy was all sorts of festive :) 

We had dinner with my family, then loaded everyone into the car around 2 to head to Eric's mom's for another dinner. I know two full dinners sounds like a lot, and it can be if you go overboard at either, but I know what I love to eat at each of them & just plan accordingly so I'm not wallowing in misery all night. 

The girls stayed overnight with Eric's mom & we headed back to my house for a good nights sleep before an early wake up call! 

Black Friday: 

We just love Black Friday in my family. We aren't the type of people who get up at 2 am, or the people who are out on Thanksgiving night, but we do enjoy a good deal at 8 am on Friday! Our game plan is always to start at Kohl's, then make our way to Target, Best Buy, and Old Navy before eating lunch & heading to the mall. That is exactly what we did & it worked like a charm! 

This is my sister as a crazy dog lady.... dog t-shirt, dog ornament, dog carrier toy for Ella. 

I ended up getting some great deals & I'm happy to say that my Christmas shopping is done! Eric was with me & we also picked up some new bedding for ourselves as a Christmas gift to each other. It was on MAJOR sale at Kohl's & we definitely needed it. 

We pulled in to pick the girls up from Eric's mom & I found them wearing their Christmas outfits too! So obviously we needed a picture in front of her vintage tree! 


If you read yesterday's post, then you know that Saturday was Cookie Day! We spent the whole day baking up a storm so that we could #SpreadCheer this holiday season! 


So if I'm being honest, Sunday sucked. I got up, made breakfast for Ella & myself, then spent the rest of the morning packing up & getting everyone ready to head back home. We picked Eric up from his Dad's hunting camp & made it home in time for Bills' kick off. I went grocery shopping while Eric watched the game & the rest of the day is a blur of laundry, suitcases & to-do lists. I did get to sleep on brand new, freshly washed sheets though! #silverlining 

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