Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Show & Tell - Best. Gift. Ever.

Whenever anyone asks me the best Christmas I've ever received, I don't hesitate. For Christmas two years ago, my husband gave me the gift of Justin Timberlake. AKA - he made all of my teenage dreams come true. 

I'll never forget opening those tickets. I really wish someone else had known what was in that envelope because I'm pretty sure my reaction was priceless. It involved me jumping off the floor & over a coffee table to get to get to Eric - and no one else had a clue what was in that envelope. Once I was able to speak again & told them what I'd just been given, they understood. My love for Justin runs deep.

The concert was supposed to be in February, but Justin got sick & the Sabres had a ton of home games, then Justin went to Europe... so I didn't end up going to the concert until July 9th! But the wait was worth it because Justin did not disappoint! He was amazing. I won't ramble on & on again. You can read all about it here. Just know that none of those photos in the post are zoomed in. I was that close to him. 

So yes, my husband is amazing. 

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  1. Stopping in from the link-up! WOW, I would have had a similar reaction, your hubby did great :)


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