Thursday, December 17, 2015

Life Lately...

I cannot believe it is only Thursday. This has to be the longest week ever. And unlike many of my friends in other states... we don't start Christmas break tomorrow. I still have two more days next week! The kids are already off their rockers, so I've found myself stopping to take deep breaths every now & then throughout the day. I'm working so hard to not allow myself to turn into the Grinch, not even for a second, but with a three year old who needs to be reminded that Santa is watching about 20 times a day plus the world's longest to-do list, it isn't always easy. Thankfully, there's been a lot to keep me smiling lately! 

Sprinkles the Elf has been a little bit naughty this week! On Tuesday, he made snow angels with sprinkles! Then, yesterday he drew Rudolph noses on our wedding picture! 

And then this morning, he replaced Ella's stocking with a pair of her Sofia undies! 

We've been very busy at cheerleading practice every night. The routine is done, but needs a whole lot of love & attention before we compete on January 9th! I'm so thankful that I have a team full of girls that are great with my kids. It makes things a lot less stressful.

We had a game on Tuesday night & it was the first one I've taken the kids to this season. It's so much easier when Eric picks them up & they can stick with their normal routine, but since that wasn't possible, we made the most of it. Ella ate a real gourmet dinner of carrots with ranch, pretzels, and cheese. Then finished up with a snack of popcorn & fruit snacks. Oh, and she stole someone's skittles too. 

In school related news, I've been working on a descriptive language unit using The Grinch & my kids made this awesome bulletin board! It makes me smile when I walk into my room every morning! 

And something else that makes me smile is our neighbors inflatables. Truthfully, I can't stand inflatables, but my neighbords have 5 of them. A Grinch riding on a sleigh (which is huge), a Yoda, a Minion, an Olaf, and a polar bear. Ella of course LOVES them and wants to hug them every night before we go in the house. So thank you neighbors, because of you, I'll never have to own an inflatable of my own. My kids can just live vicariously through yours! 

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