Monday, December 7, 2015

Holiday Weekend #2

Holiday Weekend #2 was a success! I started things off with my first basketball game of the season, and came home to one sweet girl already asleep & another ready to cuddle! So I cuddled Livy until she drifted off too, then got down to business with some present wrapping! 

Saturday morning we woke up & found that Sprinkles had brought us a gingerbread house from the North Pole (or Target, either works)! Ella was so excited to put it together, but agreed to wait until after her best friend's birthday party & nap time so we didn't have to rush. 

After breakfast we got ready & headed to Addy's third birthday party! It was a princess party & Ella absolutely loved it. She doesn't quite understand that her birthday isn't until July, so she keeps asking me if she can have a princess party too. Sure hunny, it that's what you want... 

After Addy's party, a very sleepy Ella took a nap while a very sleepy mommy had some lunch & played with a not so sleepy Olivia. Then, when Ella woke up we got down to business on that gingerbread house! 

Ella ate more candy than she used to decorate, and it is most definitely NOT structurally sound, but she loved it & that's all that matters! The rest of the night was spent snuggling & watching Christmas movies. Ella ended up falling asleep in my bed while watching Elf, which is pretty much the perfect way to spend a Saturday night if you ask me. 

On Sunday, we woke up to another awesome surprise from Sprinkles - PANCAKES! We whipped them up & served them with sausage. When Ella wasn't paying attention, I put sprinkles in her pancakes, but of course blamed it on our elf. She gets so excited over little things like that right now :) 

We all would've loved to lay low & snuggle all day, but we had plans for a holiday lunch with Eric's dad, so we all got ready & piled in the car. But first, we took some pictures in our festive outfits! 

We didn't get home until about 5:30 & Ella slept in the car both ways so she was wound for sound! We were absolutely dying watching her "dance recitals" and listening to her sing us Christmas carols. She can have a serious attitude sometimes, but three certainly is an entertaining age! 

And now I'm back to work for the week! Only 3 1/2 more days until we head to see my parents & visit the North Pole ! 

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