Friday, December 18, 2015

Friday Favorites & Weekend Plans...

Happy Friday Everyone! Only 1 Week Until Christmas! 

Today is one my FAVORITE days of the year - Ugly Sweater Day! We technically call it Festive Sweater Day, but there's a prize for the ugliest sweater & I'm totally in the running this year...

Sadly, I cannot take credit for this creation, as the wonderful Miss Jennie loaned it to me. Some of the reactions I've gotten today...
  • Ella - "MOM!" with eyes as big as saucers when I turned the lights on this morning
  • My principal - "I'm sure your students will be very focused on instruction while you're wearing that." 
  • A student - "It looks like Christmas threw up on you!" 
And Ella is super excited today too because it's her last day at Miss Jennie's before break! They're having a party & celebrating all day long. We brought Christmas sprinkle donuts for the party, which just so happen to be her longstanding favorite treat! 

Two other favorites from the week -

Our modified coach just got back from Disney World & brought me my favorite treat ever! It's a rice krispie treat dipped in chocolate then covered in mini M&Ms. So good! 

My little reindeer had her first dance performance

This weekend we have a lot to do! Tomorrow we're riding the Polar Express with Grandpa Dan & Grammy Mary. Then on Sunday we're going to work hard on finishing up our Christmas to do list, which will involve a trip to Trader Joe's, a whole lot of wrapping & a whole lot of baking for next week's Christmas parties! Thankfully my dad & Grandma Gigi will arrive on Sunday night to babysit the kids while I work on Monday & Tuesday - not having to get them ready & drag them out the door in the morning - best Christmas present ever! 
Hope your weekend is festive as ever! 

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