Friday, December 4, 2015

Friday Favorites from Our Week

Whew - what a week! But only 12 days of school until Christmas Break... not that I'm counting or anything. It's going to be a good day too, because I'm wearing a festive holiday shirt & drinking hot chocolate out of a red cup. Can't ask for a better start to a Friday than that! 

Now let's talk about a few of my favorite things, starting with this picture of Olivia. I mean... my heart melts every time I look at it. She's just too precious. 

I had originally wanted to recreate this picture, but Liv was not willing to lay still and started to eat pages, so I went in a different direction. If you don't recognize the book, she's reading Olivia Helps With Christmas, which we've already read as a family many times this holiday season. It's one of our favorite Christmas books with Turkey Clause & Sofia's First Christmas following right behind. 

Ella is just in love with Christmas this year & has been partaking in her three favorite Christmas activities every night this week. 

        1) Turn on the tree each night.

        2) Watch Christmas movies until she falls asleep. 
        3) Find her elf, Sprinkles, every morning. 

I have to say, Sprinkles is a lot of work, but she's so into it this year that it's totally worth it. We didn't have her arrive until December 1st, just so we didn't run out of steam, but these first few days have been great! 

In a non-Christmas related event, Ella's best friend is turning 3 this weekend & Ella is going to her birthday party. That of course meant we had to shop for a present - which is tricky because the stores are packed right now & Ella has presents on the mind. We decided to go to Ella's favorite store - Five Below - and pick out a bunch of small presents for Addy. Ella took it so seriously! We had a whole cart full of stuff that is being used for Addy's birthday, daycare Christmas gifts, and dance class Secret Santa! 

So this weekend we'll be going to practice, attending a birthday party, grocery shopping, wrapping gifts, and attending a family dinner. The rest of the time will be devoted to my favorite - snuggling on the couch! 

Happy Friday! 

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