Monday, November 2, 2015

Weekend Recap - Sectionals, Trick or Treating & Olivia's Baptism

Wow. I really didn't mean to fall off the face of the earth last week. But last week nearly killed me. So it happened. Despite the chaos of last week, I was able to have a fantastic weekend with my peeps! 

On Friday, the girls went to Eric's mom's to spend the night, so Eric & I had an evening to ourselves. The original plan was to order in & rent a movie. What actually happened was we ate leftovers, Eric watched sports, and I graded papers because the end of the 1st marking period is Wednesday! I did get to watch Scandal though & all I have to say is Olivia Pope is a hot mess right now. Get yourself together sister!! 

Saturday morning we slept in, probably a little too late, because I found myself rushing around packing to leave for the rest of the weekend and get myself ready for Sectionals. I pulled it all together (and somehow didn't forget anything!) and made it to the bus on time! 

The Varsity team was absolutely AMAZING on Saturday, but ended up taking 2nd place to a team that wins Sectional 9/10 times. We knew it'd be an uphill battle going in, but we're just so thrilled that they performed so well. We had been waiting all season for them to give a flawless performance & Saturday was the day. So proud of them! 

Eric picked me up from competition so that we could rush to Hornell for trick or treating with the kids. (In case you haven't noticed, the theme of my life lately has been rushing.) My parents met us for pizza & wings before they headed out too & everyone helped to get Ella and Livy into their costumes.

We didn't do too many houses because it was pretty chilly outside, but Ella still made out like a bandit with candy! 

Sunday was another busy day because our precious Olivia Rose got baptized! I'm going to do a separate post on that tomorrow, because it was wonderful & deserves its own post. But I will show you how precious she looked...

After her baptism & a family brunch, we headed back to Rochester to gear up for another busy week. (It's technically off season, but I have meetings, a fundraiser, and uniform swap out to deal with, so I really end up with 1 night off all week.) I ran out to get groceries while Eric wrestled the girls into pajamas. I couldn't believe that the store had completely transformed overnight & there were literally Christmas trees & wrapping paper everywhere. I mean...

I came home to find that Ella had crashed from so much excitement & sugar, so it was pretty peaceful around our house as I got everything packed and unpacked. Then, Livy slept for 11 hours straight last night, so once I got to bed, I got some much needed rest myself!

Happy Monday!  

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