Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Baptism of Olivia Rose

On Sunday, November 2nd, our precious Olivia Rose was baptized in Eric's hometown. She wore the same gown that his mother and sister's wore. I couldn't believe how beautiful it was when I saw it hanging in person this weekend. The detail is absolutely stunning...

We all got ready at Eric's mom's house, and definitely needed the extra hour we inherited from Daylight Savings because getting 8 people ready for church with 2 bathrooms is no easy feat!

We tried to take some nice family photos, but we ended up with this instead. Sidenote: This is apparently Ella's new pose. She is most definitely in an awkward picture taking phase. Olivia cooperated though and since she was the star of the day, that's all that matters!

The baptism took place at Eric's childhood church, where he attended Catholic school & served mass many a time. I wouldn't exactly call his memories "fond" but I love that both of our girls were baptized in a place that is meaningful to him & his family. 

The picture below is of our kids with all of their Godparents. Eric's brother Kevin & my sister are Ella's, while Brittany's husband Matt & both of Eric's sisters are Olivia's. It's a real family affair ;) 

After the baptism, both of our families went back to Eric's mom's for brunch. We served a hash brown bake, an egg casserole, ham, and fruit. Oh, and cake. Very delicious cake. 

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