Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Staying Warm with Ugg & The North Face

Living in Upstate New York, I know a thing or two about winter. Let me just take a minute to remind you of the living hell we all endured last year...

Thankfully, my family is always well prepared to take on the elements thanks to Ugg & The North Face! I know that at first glance, the items may seem pricey, but trust me - we get our money's worth out of them! They last for multiple seasons, despite the beating they get in Rochester. And since I personally think these brands make amazing (and practical) gifts, I thought I'd share our favorites as you start your holiday shopping...

You can find all North Face options by clicking here!

And earlier this year, I snagged Olivia these adorable North Face mittens from the Anniversary Sale. I can't wait to see her in them, but I can certainly wait for the cold to settle in!

Now moving onto Ugg... I'm the only one in my house that wears Ugg presently, but my sister & mom have also worn the brand for years, so I definitely have a few favorites to share!

You can find all Ugg options by clicking here!

And if Ella's feet didn't grow so darn fast, I would be all over these too! 

Stay Warm & Happy Shopping! 

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