Tuesday, November 3, 2015

November Goals

Before I get to my November goals, let's recap the ones I set for October... 
  • Win Trophies - Done. Except they're second place trophies, and while I didn't specify that I was going to win first place trophies, that's certainly what I'd hoped for! 
  • Finish the Girls' Costumes - Done. It was quite simple too! I loved Ella's Sofia costume from Costco & Olivia's ears from Etsy were perfect for her! 
  • Hit 250,000 steps for the month - Done. I actually hit 284,991 steps... and it could have been more but my FitBit died a couple of times on me & you can't just stop moving when your FitBit dies. But still, done. 
Definitely my most productive month since Olivia has been born. We're definitely in our routine now & things are getting easier :) 

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November Goals: 
  • Get Christmas Shopping Done. 
    • I love to shop, but I don't receive pay for coaching in December, so for budget purposes, I want to get everything done in November! It'll also be a real load off to just be able to relax & enjoy holiday activities each weekend without having to run to the mall to do shopping. 
  • Decorate Our House for Christmas! 
    • We spend all of Thanksgiving away with our family, so I'd like to have our home decorated the weekend before Thanksgiving. That way, I can come home & be fully immersed in the spirit! Now, I just need to convince Mr. Grinch to get on board with my plan... 
  • Have the Routine Done. 
    • This is a long shot, but I'd like to have our entire winter routine finished by the end of the month. That gives us a solid month to tweak things before we compete in January. It'll be a challenge, but I'm going to try! 
  • Donate.
    • I was so humbly reminded the other day that I work with many children who are not nearly as fortunate as I am. I may groan over the fact that I'm currently forgoing my morning tea & bagel to save money, but I eat three meals a day & have a warm home to go back to every night. So many of my students do not. So this month, I want to donate at least 1 bag of clothing and 1 box of food to those in need. I'm also volunteering at my school district's food pantry to give back to those in need. That's what Thanksgiving is all about after all! 

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