Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday Favorites

My hands down favorite of this week has been this gorgeous Indian Summer that we are currently experiencing in New York. It has been in the high 60's & low 70's all week long & our whole family is loving it! 

On Wednesdsay afternoon, we took full advantage & went to the playground! I was so impressed that Ella hopped right on the swings & started to pump her legs! She's totally Miss Independent these days. 

And I took Livy down the slide for the first time... while Ella waited at the bottom to catch us :) 

Since the weather was so nice, Olivia felt it was necessary to show off her chubby legs - which happen to be another favorite of mine! Ella never had any rolls at this age, so I just eat Livy's up. 

On Thursday, I took a half day from work because Miss Ella had an eye appointment to make sure her glasses were the right prescription and basically see if they are in fact working. Good news - they are! I know a lot of kids don't like the doctor, but Ella loves the eye doctor because they have TVs in each room to watch while you're being manhandled. She watches Frozen & doesn't complain at all. 

Since it was so nice out & I didn't have to get back to work yet, we stopped at Eric's office to see him for a bit. His building is right on the Erie Canal, so we all took a walk & enjoyed the sunshine. 

And since Ella was such a good girl at the doctor, I took her to get ice cream at DQ. She of course chose her favorite - vanilla with rainbow sprinkles. 

Another favorite of mine this week - sweets. I just cannot get enough. I'm in love with this Monster Cookie Ice Cream from Target's Market Pantry line. It has oatmeal cookie dough, M&Ms, little chocolate shavings and a hint of peanut butter. Absolutely delicious!

And my mom wins mother of the year with her Halloween gift... 

This little basket had chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate covered oreos, chocolate covered marshmallows, and a huge chocolate covered rice krispie treat - plus candy corn. So good! 


Sadly the weather is supposed to take a turn for the worse this weekend - it's already raining outside - so I think it's going to be pretty low key for us. Basically - football, grocery shopping, and meal prep. I'll probably make it out for a couple runs in the leaves, but nothing too exciting. I hope you all get to relax as much as I do this weekend! 

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