Monday, November 16, 2015

A Weekend in the Country

Am I the only one who has no idea where their weekend went? Because I feel like I blinked & it was Monday morning. I can't complain though because it was a great one, filled with family & food - you know, my favorite things! 

I started my weekend off with a half day on Friday to take Olivia to her 4 month check up! We met my sister at Panera for some soup before Liv's appointment & spent the lunch catching up on all sorts of important things - you know, like Scandal, jewelry, and our favorite blogs. I feel guilty saying this because we love Ella to pieces, but it was quite relaxing to just have Livy at lunch with us. 

Livy's appointment took forever. I've never had over a fifteen minute wait at our pediatrician & I was there for over an hour on Friday. I was annoyed enough to ask what was going on & found out that another doctor at the practice had gone into labor that morning so they were all scrambling to cover, and I softened up just a bit :) 

Olivia weighed in at 13 lbs. 9 oz., got three shots, and was deemed practically perfect in every way. 

Friday night my sister hosted a Stella & Dot party, and Livy went as my guest. She was very busy picking out presents for everyone... 

Saturday morning,  I was awoken at 5:45 am to howling. Not by our dog, but by my daughter. Ella has watched Mickey's Monster Musical one too many times & was howling at the moon.  Once I figured out what was going on, I was wide awake from laughing, so we got right up & started our day.  We had told my mom that we'd be at the country house by lunch, but I was shocked when we pulled out of our driveway before 9:00. 

ready to hit the road!
We arrived around 11 & Livy was excited to find that Gramps had gotten the exersaucer out of the attic for her! She just loves to sit up & stand, so she was all about it! 

We ordered lunch from the restaurant that my family used to own, then spent the afternoon crafting up a storm in preparation for Christmas! 

Then, that evening we had a birthday to attend for my cousin's son Ethan. I took a ton of pictures... but I was using my aunt's camera so I just realized that I don't have any pictures to share! Which is a shame because the kids were absolutely adorable together. 

On Sunday, my dad made a feast for breakfast & then we packed the kids up to head for Eric's dad's house to spend time with more cousins! 

This was my niece's first time holding Livy :) 
We watched football, ate the most delicious pulled chicken sandwiches, while the girls played their little hearts out. 

It was no surprise that both girls slept the entire way back to Rochester last night... or that I was in bed by 9 myself. I tried to watch Scandal, but I was just flat out exhausted, so I switched to Modern Family & fell asleep approximately 5 minutes later. But at least I'm well rested to tackle a busy week of cheer practices, a food drive, and parent teacher conferences! 

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