Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A Day in My Life...

So yesterday, I missed the boat on Show & Tell Tuesday's Day in My Life posts. But I loved reading them so much, that I'm doing my own today. So this is a look at our day yesterday :) 


I started my day at 5:15 when Ella came barreling into my bed & wanted to snuggle. She's slowly adjusting to the time change, but was wide awake & a chatterbox when she climbed in with us! Since Livy is still sleeping in our room and Tuesday is Eric's day to sleep in since he works from home, I quickly scooped up Ella & headed downstairs to let the dog out, make a bottle, and put some shows on to keep Ella distracted. Liv ate her bottle at 5:45, then it was time to start getting everyone ready.

I started with myself, getting my clothes on & throwing my hair together. Since having Livy, I make sure to shower the night before, otherwise we never make it out the door on time! Next, it's Ella's turn. She's in a phase where she wants to do everything herself, so what I could have done in 5 minutes takes us about 15. I'm all about learning independent skills, but having patience at 6 a.m. is hard. 

Thankfully, Livy is much easier to handle! She smiles & coos at me the whole time I get her ready.  

Once we were all downstairs, I packed my lunch & made myself a breakfast sandwich to eat in the car...

It's about a 20 minute drive to the town I work in, so I listen to the radio & chat with Ella on the way. We pulled into Miss Jennie's driveway at 7:02 & as always, I ended up talking in her kitchen for far too long, and then I had to book it to school! 

On Tuesdays, I have to be at school for hall duty by 7:25. I actually LOVE hall duty because I get a ton of my FitBit steps in for the day :) And... I get to carry a walkie-talkie & that just makes me feel important. So from 7:25 to 7:55, I roamed the halls looking for trouble. And as usual, there wasn't any. 

My daily teaching schedule rotates on a letter day calendar, and yesterday was a B-day. That meant that I had 1st period free & I was able to get myself organized! I updated my to-do lists, plugged in some grades, went through my calendar & got my boards ready to teach 2nd & 3rd periods. 

9:50 - Snack break between sections of English! 

At 10:45, I have co-planning with another teacher. We use the time to plan our small group work for the upcoming week & I usually eat my lunch at this time too because it frees up my lunch period to go walking. On the menu yesterday - ham & cheese wrap, PB filled pretzel nuggets, a cheese stick & a few candy pumpkins. 

We finished up early, so I had a few minutes in between lunch & planning, which I spent tracking my food for the day, returning a phone call, and reading for my book study...

At 11:30, I grabbed my headphones and hit the halls! I listened to Taylor Swift & kind of zoned out for a bit. This is definitely the most peaceful part of my day! Not scenic, but peaceful...

After my walk, I was energized for the second half of my day, which is good because I teach every period from lunch until the end of the day. 12:15 to 2:50 can be a long haul some days, but the kids were great today & it flew by! It didn't hurt that our babysitter texted me this pic of sweet Livy passed out :) 

We had a staff training from 3 to 3:45, and then at 4, I picked up the girls from Miss Jennie's! 

We piled in my car & I was ready to get home, but.... we had to stop at Wal-Mart to grab a few things. I rarely shop at Wal-Mart, mainly because it isn't convenient to my house, but I had a $15 off coupon for formula, plus another coupon for pull-ups, so I decided to go out of my way and make a stop. 

Shopping with both of the girls is a chore, but we made it out alive & were home by 4:45. Eric works from home on Tuesdays, so we were greeted by the scent of lasagna when we arrived home. 

While Eric finished up dinner, Ella & I read some books together. She's still hooked on our Halloween books, but those will be mysteriously vanishing over the weekend, so I'm letting her savor them while she can. 

We ate at 5:45 and I have zero pictures of dinner because as comical as it was, we don't allow any technology at the table. I'm trying to teach Ella the word thankful this month, so we had a whole conversation about things we're thankful for in our lives. We came up with our house, food, Sofia the First, Miss Jennie, and Olivia. I think it's an important word for her to know & use, so I'm hoping we can continue these conversations leading up to Thanksgiving! 

After dinner it was PJ time! I had already slipped into sweats when I got home, but the girls needed to change. Ella opted for her mermaid PJs and then went into our room to watch some Netflix while Liv kept it classic with stripes and drank down a bottle. 

Around 7, I hopped into the shower & started to get myself ready for bed. Seriously, I could've gone to sleep at 7:30. 

I ended up kicking Ella out of my bed, watching DWTS on my DVR & finishing up this blog post. 

The girls & I were out cold by 9:30 & we all slept through the night. #praisejesus 

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