Tuesday, October 20, 2015

What We Wore for Family Pictures - Fall 2015

Family pictures are one of my favorite things to plan. I love think up locations & color combinations months in advance. I'm just always dreaming of that "perfect" canvas hanging on the wall!

That said, I found myself just a little overwhelmed this time around. Throwing one more person into the mix was more of a challenge than I expected because I didn't want too much of one color, but I also wanted us to be coordinating. Add in the weather and the fact that I didn't want to buy anything new... and I've really had to think this one through. This is what I finally decided on...

For Me: vest // sweater // button down // jeans // boots 
For Ella: jeans // sweater // hat // boots 

For Eric: button down shirt // jeans // shoes
For Olivia: dress // mocs // bow

Now two things...

1) Like I said, I didn't want to buy anything new specifically for these photos, so I tried to use what I already had in our closets, but I am linking similar items for you. 

2) I kept things a little less matchy-matchy than I have in the past. I was focusing on fall tones, but I was more flexible since I was shopping in our closets instead of in the store. Eric's actual shirt has more red in it than green, so it all tied together really nicely in real life! 

I can't wait to share the final product with you all! 


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