Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Never Enough...

Last night, Ella had a full on meltdown. The type that involves crying, rolling on the floor, and pounding her fists. The kind you see on t.v. The kind that you avoid at all costs when out in public. What was this meltdown about you ask? Fruit snacks. Yes, seriously. Ella had a full on meltdown in the cheer gym last night because I forgot to pack fruit snacks. Thankfully, no parents were present to witness this fit & my team saw the humor in the fact that her catastrophic meltdown was over fruit snacks.

The whole episode got me to thinking, there are certain things in life that you can simply never have enough of. Some of these things are big - like time with family and friends. Some are simply necessary - like caffeine, wine, and chocolate. Others would simply be nice - like money, clothes, and shoes. Then there are those practical items that you really & truly can never have enough of. In our house, those items are: 
  • fruit snacks 
  • paper towels
  • peanut butter 
  • cheese sticks 
  • baby formula 
  • diapers
  • toilet paper 
Hence, we buy those items in bulk. And when it comes to buying in bulk, my family loves SAM'S Club. My parents have had a membership with the club for as long as I can remember & I had no idea how useful it was until I had kids of my own! We have made up the cost of a membership easily on diapers & formula - not to mention the amazing savings on gas! 

While at SAM'S the other night - buying fruit snacks - I discovered that Scott® 1000 bath tissue has big news. Their long lasting rolls now last even longer because on every roll purchased at SAM’S CLUB, you can get an extra 100 sheets. And when you're potty training, that's a pretty big deal. 

Personally, I love that SAM'S is offering this product online as well as in stores, because lets be honest, even with an SUV, sometimes there just isn't enough room in your trunk for all of your purchases! 

And if you're looking for a steal of a deal, download the free Ibotta app to earn $5 off Scott 1000 Bonus Pack at Sam’s Club! Once you have the app, you'll find that you can save on all sorts of products that you're already purchasing! 

All I had to do to earn the $5 rebate was take a quick poll & watch a short video. It literally took 2 minutes of my time & now I'm $5 richer. Definitely worth it! 

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a membership and download the app to start saving today! 

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