Thursday, October 22, 2015

Life Lately

It has been one of those weeks where I feel like life is flying by right in front of me! We have parent teacher conferences tonight, so I'll be teaching all day then "entertaining" families for the rest of the evening. It's my hope that I can get a walk in during lunch because I've been doing really well with IIFYM & the baby weight is starting to come off. I don't want events like this to throw me off my game! 

Since it's been a little crazy, I thought I'd share some of the more random snippets of our lives with you today! 

Olivia's hat for Halloween finally arrived! I was bummed that we didn't have it in time for Zoo Boo, but I know she'll get to wear it trick or treating & it's really so darling that I might just put it on her for fun too :) Her hat is from J White Vintage on Etsy and I was really impressed with the quality!

We had our last football game of the season last Thursday & Ella soaked it all in. She just loves going to games as my sidekick! 

I was at competition all day (as in 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.) on Sunday & someone was happy to see me when I got home that night! I snuggled her forever and took about a hundred pictures of her because she was just too cute! The other one was "too busy watching shows" to give me the time of day. #howrude

This hat was Ella's & she actually has it in two sizes because I just loved it so much! I found it while sorting through the bins in the basement and was so excited to put it on Liv Monday morning. I mean, doesn't she look adorable? 

Monday afternoon, I got to take Ella to dance class. I rotate weeks with my sister when I'm in season, so it's always a treat to take her myself! 

She got her baton (God help me) and was so excited to show me all of her skills. But as far as I can tell, all she really knows how to do is hold it under her neck? I guess that's a real thing? I know nothing about batons... However, fun fact about my mom is that she was a majorette & twirled fire! I've seen pictures & she looks pretty badass. 

And I snapped this picture as we were leaving dance because she's just getting so grown up!

Last night we had our last practice of fall season & had to take a picture with our favorite - Emma. Emma has cheered for me the last 5 years - starting with Jr. Rangers then Freshman and now JV. I will probably cry when she goes to Varsity next fall. My kids just love her! 

And in other exciting news from last night, Grammy Nancy sent this to us! It's true, I was more excited than Ella. It was just as good as I remember it being. She was totally into it & asked to watch it again tonight. Now if only I could convince her to love Lion King as much as I do... 

Watching Aladdin together in Ella's room. Two things about this picture - Olivia is clearly staring at a spot on the wall & not actually watching the movie and yes, those are Santa sheets on Ella's bed. She really wanted to put her "soft sheets" on her bed, and those just so happen to be Santa, so I rolled with it. 

And Olivia's outfit this morning was just too cute not to share! Her & Ella are actually matching today, but getting a picture of them together is near impossible, so I just snapped this one of Livy :) 

TGIT! I'm all caught up on Scandal & should be home in time to watch tonight! See you back tomorrow for Friday Favorites! 

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