Monday, October 5, 2015

Homecoming Weekend 2015

Whew! What a weekend! I'm definitely feeling the effects of it - a homecoming hangover if you will. 

The festivities started on Friday afternoon, when I chaperoned not one, but two pep rallies. I started at the High School's pep rally where I was filling in for our varsity coach. They hold theirs outside in the stadium & it was FREEZING! The temperature was 54, but the wind was bitter cold & even in my Uggs, jacket, scarf, and gloves, I was frozen. 

We didn't let that ruin our fun though! The girls did a fabulous performance & before I knew what hit me I was running back over the middle school to help with set up for our pep rally because cheerleading coach is the obvious choice for pep rally co-coordinator. I have to fess up though & admit that the PE staff does most of the work. They're absolutely amazing & come up with the most creative games for our students to compete in! 

Thankfully the middle school pep rally was indoors & the packed gym combined with the sweet moves I was busting out warmed me right up! 

We finished up Friday night with cheer practice & some take out Chipotle. I tried to get to bed early because I knew that Saturday was going to be a long one, but I got sucked into Scandal & ended up staying up way too late! #whoops 

Saturday was even colder than Friday and it decided to gently sprinkle upon us the entire time. Not the most pleasant Homecoming weather, but we made the most of it. My JV team's float theme was Candyland & they did such a great job! We had a gingerbread house, a bunch of hard candies & dum dum lollipops - which were definitely my favorite. 

I brought along my sidekick to experience her first homecoming & she loved it! I was worried that the long day & the weather would be too much for her, but she was a total trooper. It wasn't until we got into the football game & the team kicked off that I found her passed out in her stroller snuggled under her blanket. 

With Miss Jennie at the parade line up! 

We got home from the game at around 6 & thankfully Eric had dinner waiting for us. We were both ready for some warm food at that point! The three of us ate, then I headed in to snuggle with Livy while Ella watched some TV & Eric went to get groceries. (I think being home with Olivia all day made him a little stir crazy!) And once the girls were asleep, I headed up to my big warm bed to binge on even more Scandal. I can't help it people - I'm so addicted. 

Sunday started way too early because I had to drive Eric to meet my uncle for the Bills game. Definitely not fun, but the girls were both snoozing in the backseat & I listened to Taylor Swift, so it turned out to be a relaxing start to my morning. Once we got back to Rochester, I grabbed gas at Costco for $1.98 - which was super exciting - and picked up a hot chocolate from Starbucks, then we headed home to do some housework. (On a sidenote - apparently my city didn't get the fall cups. No one has them & I know it's silly that I want one, but they're so pretty I can't help it!)  

I threw some laundry in, fed Livy, and put on Scandal while I did some grading. (But let's be honest, I didn't get much done because I was in the middle of season 2 & OMG. ) Before I knew it, it was 11 a.m. & my sister was calling to offer to take Ella with her for the afternoon! I totally pounced on that and once they headed out, I got myself ready to run my own errands. 

I hit up Costco for the essentials - cheesesticks, fruit snacks, Easy Mac - you know, the super healthy stuff. And I was planning to go to Target too, but Costco ended up having the exact costume Ella wanted for $5 less! So, I cut my trip short & went to hang out at my sister's for a bit instead. 

Liv was less than thrilled that I pulled her away from her new swing, and it probably didn't help that I devoured this fro-yo right in front of her. 

Once Eric got home from the game, we scrambled to get everything ready for yet another busy week! I'm done with fall cheer in less than 2 weeks & I cannot wait for a little break in the chaos. I truly love coaching, but coaching with 2 kids, a husband, a job, and a whole lot of housework is exhausting! 

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