Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday Favorites

Woo! It's Friday. And it's Spirit Week. Which means we have pep rallies this afternoon. And bonfire & Powder Puff tonight. And a parade & football game tomorrow. It's going to be BUSY, but let's be honest, I'm the cheerleading coach. This is what I live for! So of course, my first favorite of the week had to be...

Spirit Week!

Other things I'm loving... 

1) Shopkick 

I'm totally in love with this app! You just download it, enable your bluetooth & then it picks up a signal when you walk into certain stores. For instance, when I went to Wegmans on Saturday, I got 35 "kicks" for just walking in! Then, if you have the time & ambition, you can scan items in the store to earn extra "kicks" too. Last, you can link your credit card & earn even more "kicks" at stores too! There are tons of gift card options to choose from - ranging from $2 at Target to $300 at Coach. How long you save up your kicks is up to you! You can download the app here. I promise you'll love it! 

2) This Halloween To Do List! 
There are so many great activities on it - some big & some small! I'm definitely going to try to tackle as many as possible with my crew! 

3) Baby Boots

Ok, so Ella isn't a baby anymore. I guess I should say toddler boots. But baby boots sounds better, so roll with it. The point is, I'm loving all of the boot options out there for her... 

My mom bought her these ones from Amazon. They look like Dr. Martens, but they're made by another company. I'm loving them right now because they're waterproof & have a zipper on the sides so she can take them off herself. 


I got her these ones from Target...

Cherokee Johanna Fashion Boots

And I'm seriously crushing on these too! They're Natives, but boots! Ella loves her Natives, so I think I'm going to have to order them for her ASAP! 

'Jimmy' Waterproof Boot

'Sid' Waterproof Boot via Nordstrom

4) Essie Bordeaux 

I officially took off my bright pink nailpolish & switched over to Essie Bordeaux. I love a good deep red for fall. I currently only have it on my toes because I'm completely incapable of painting my own fingernails. That will be a job for my sister this weekend. 

Ok, that's all for now because I have to brace myself for the back to back pep rally madness! Have a Great Weekend & Go Rangers! 

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