Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Family Photos - Fall 2015

Two weekends ago, my wonderful best friend fit my crazy crew in for some family pictures. The pictures don't tell you how cold it was, but the fact that she was up for braving the elements with us makes me love her even more than I already do! Something about my scheduling family photos just brings out the worst in the weather... last year it snowed! But this year, we got the gorgeous fall colors & blue sky that I had envisioned. 

Our photos were taken at a trail that I drive by on the way to my sister's house & just fell in love with. The trees, the cattails, the wooden bridge with iron railing. I just love it all! 

One of the definite perks of having your best friend do your family photos is that everyone is totally comfortable with her. Ella was herself the entire time & I didn't have to worry about her playing shy. And the fact that Jackquelyn offered to bring Eric a beer didn't hurt either (for the record, he declined since it was 10 a.m.) 

The best part of having Jackquelyn shoot the photos though is that she knew exactly what I wanted without me having to tell her... which led to totally candid photos like this with my Ella. 

This picture is one of my favorites - just because it totally embodies my relationship with Ella. She makes me laugh - every. single. day. She's the most joyful little girl & I want to remember these moments forever. 

Now comes the hard part, deciding what makes the Christmas Card, but more on that later!

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