Thursday, October 8, 2015

Big Sister

One of the greatest parts of having Olivia join our family, has been watching Ella adjust to her new role. At first, she was totally in awe of her & constantly asked me "can I touch her?" But as time passed, she grew frustrated with the demands that Olivia placed on my time & we faced serious potty regression and tantrums. Thankfully, we've moved past that and over the the past couple of weeks, I've discovered a new side of Ella, one that is rising to the challenge of being a good big sister. 

Our babysitter, Miss Jennie, texted me this picture this morning & my heart grew three sizes. I am just so proud of the little girl that Ella is becoming. One that wants to help. One that wants to please. One that is growing up right before my eyes into a little girl that will no doubt do amazing things. 

So this morning, I'm a proud mama...


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