Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Weekend Recap

So, I know weekend recaps are meant for Mondays, but it's been kind of a crazy start to the week around my casa, so I'm just getting to it on Wednesday morning. #whoops Between keeping my kids fed, getting papers graded, and making exercise a priority I've just been crazy busy. And when I haven't been crazy busy, I've been too exhausted to type a coherent sentence. But last weekend was excellent, so I didn't want it to go undocumented. So here we go with a weekend recap... on Wednesday. 


Our weekend started off with a killer practice. We started work on the pyramid & got through alot, all thanks to Olivia who decided to behave herself and peacefully stare at the lights while I coached. 

After practice, we picked up pizza on our way home & got ready to go to the Varsity football game! It was a gorgeous night & the game was in the town we live in (I don't live in the same school district that I teach in) so we decided to take the kids for their first taste of Friday Night Lights! 

Of course, Ella could care less about the football game. She was all about the cheerleaders. 

The best part of going to the game is that we know everyone in the stands. I never have to worry about Ella because some is always willing to take her to the bathroom, concession stand, or to play on the playground. 

We didn't end up staying for the entire game, but we did get past halftime!


It may have been a beautiful night on Friday, but we woke up to a monsoon on Saturday morning. Everyone in the family slept until almost 8, then just kind of laid around relaxing. Around 9, I got Olivia & myself ready to go to practice, and Eric got Ella to go grocery shopping with him. 

After another super productive practice, I came home & got ready to meet my sister for some shopping! Ella was napping, so we snuck out with just Olivia, who did a whole lot of napping herself. 

We started at Target to pick up some fall decor in the dollar bins, then headed over to the mall to find a new Bills t-shirt for Ella & some more long sleeved clothes for Olivia. I know I had more warm stuff for Ella in size 0-3 months, but I haven't had time to dig out the bins & look again, so I just bought her a couple new longsleeved onesies for the time being. We ended up spending a lot longer than planned at the mall, so when I got home, I had to reassess my plans for dinner. I'd originally planned to do white chicken lasagna, but I switched that out for some potato soup instead.

And for dessert, I threw together Shay's Apple Oatmeal Bars, which I cannot stop eating. 

After dinner, I took the girls upstairs for baths & Ella got to bust out her new Halloween PJ's for the first time! This is her monster face - aren't you all scared? 

And then we all snuggled in mom's big bed while watching Sofia the First :) 


As proof that I'm the best wife ever, I'd like you all to know that I woke up at 6 a.m. on Sunday morning, got myself & the kids dressed, then drove Eric an hour in the pouring rain to meet my uncle. Why you ask? Because he was going to a football game. But not just any football game, it was the Bills Season Opener, which is why I agreed to do it. See how happy he is? 

While daddy played in the rain at the game, I took the girls to Aunt Britt's for a football kick-off party! 

Ella was representing her team! But then Uncle Matt got his cheesehead out & her loyalty swayed... 

She just loves her Uncle Matt... 

After the game, I had to drive back to pick up Eric, but thankfully the girls slept in the backseat both ways. #praisejesus

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