Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day Weekend 2015

I feel like I spent the whole weekend in fast forward mode. I have no idea where my extra day went, yet I am completely exhausted. We were on the go all weekend long & we're all feeling extra tired this morning. 

I feel ya Liv. I feel ya...

The weekend started off with a low key Friday night at home. I ate leftover pasta & meatballs then went up to bed to watch Parenthood while lesson planing. Ella was at my in-laws, so I had to take total advantage of an opportunity to get something done without Disney Jr. blaring in the background! 

Saturday morning I had my first football game of the season & had planned on leaving Olivia home with Eric. When it actually came to get ready though, I realized the lawn really needed to be mowed, so I got her ready & off we went. It was HOT & of course she wanted to eat the entire game, but we did manage to sneak in a little bit of fun before the game... 

Once the game was over, we hit the road for a family wedding in Eric's hometown. 

They put us with all of his stepbrothers & stepsisters (plus their significant others) at the very last table. That's how we rank. We didn't care though, well except for when they called tables for the buffet. Then, we were ticked. 

photobooth fun

our table + the bride
On Sunday, we headed up to Eric's dad's to hang out with the family again. This time we had the kids though & I got to see my favorite nephew. Things were so laid back that I didn't even get my camera out to take any pictures - whoops. 

We got home way later than I intended Sunday night & we slept in until 7:30 on Monday. It was awesome, but because we slept in we ended up scrambling to get to my sister's house by 11. 

My parents came into town for the day, so we had lunch to celebrate my sister's birthday & then the ladies broke off to go do some shopping! Thankfully, my girls slept most of the time we were at the mall & I was able to enjoy myself :) Again, I took zero pictures - whoops. 

After shopping, we headed back to my sister's house for some cake! 

And suddenly it was time to pack the day care bags & lay outfits out to go back to work!

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  1. Looks like a fun weekend!! You guys look so adorable at the wedding :)


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