Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Favorites

I will be so happy when the clock strikes 3 p.m. today! Both my teaching assistant & my co-teacher are out today & it has been a madhouse here. Plus, I'm really excited that:

My week has gone actually gone by so quickly & next week will too since it's Spirit Week! We're getting back in the swing of things as far as school & practice goes and it's finally starting to feel like fall! Now, since my students will invade again before I know it, here's what I'm loving right now... 

- My Purple Princess - 

I just love dance class is Ella's favorite! She gets so excited to go each week & she's beyond adorable in her leotard & tutu. I'm super grateful that her dance teacher is incredibly patient & laid back because Ella definitely isn't used to highly structured settings yet!

- Baby Shopping - 

Shopping for babies is my favorite. I love any excuse to browse through teeny tiny clothing & fuzzy blankets. Obviously Olivia is my full-time excuse to do so right now, but my sister in law is having a baby boy in November too & this weekend is her shower! So.... I did some baby boy shopping at Old Navy this week :) 

- Scarves - 

One of my favorite things about fall weather is breaking my scarves back out! I absolutely adore the blanket scarf I'm wearing in the picture above (from last year), but I'm also in love with this one too! I ordered it all the way back in July during the Anniversary Sale, but just go to wear to our football game last night.  

- Healthy Babies - 

Olivia had her 2 month check up earlier this week & is healthy as can be! She had to have 2 shots & one was pretty rough, but she was a trooper. She finally weighs more than 10 pounds! 

I took this picture of her & it's definitely my favorite because she's starting to chunk up! I mean, who doesn't love baby rolls?

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