Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday Favorites

I feel like I haven't done a Friday Favorites post in forever & it's a miracle that this one is making it up because we had Curriculum Night until 8:45 last night. It made for a hectic morning around our house, but I have so much that I want to share with you all! 

1 - Football is Back

Football is a major part of fall at our house & we had our first game of the season last Saturday. We had another game last night & tonight we're going to support the Varsity team at their game! 

On top of that, the NFL kicked off its season last night, so Eric is a happy man. He's going to the Bills season opener this Sunday with my uncle, so the girls & I are heading to my sister's house for a football kickoff party. Go Bills! 

2 - Stella & Dot

I am in love with these earrings that I got from my bestie's Stella & Dot party. I've been wearing them this way with the pearls in the back, but you can wear them as normal pearls too! It's like getting two pairs of earrings for the price of one!

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Since I'm loving them so much, I decided to have my own Stella & Dot party and you're all invited! Just click this link to shop to your heart's desire...

3 - Ella Got Glasses

This girl will always be my favorite & she got her glasses this week. The pediatric opthamologist recommended that she wear them all of the time to strengthen her eyes & to prevent a lazy eye. As a girl who's worn glasses since 4th grade, I was a little sad for her because I know what a pain they are. Luckily, she looks pretty cute in them & doesn't seem to mind them. 

We obviously had to document the occasion with a "glasses selfie" together. She's only had them two days & I've already had to fix them once. It's a really good thing they came with a year warranty on them...

4 - Apple Everything

I'm loving apple everything, but my absolute favorite right now is the Apple Pie Fritter from Tim Horton's. OMG - it's so flippin' good!

5 - Parenthood

Still obsessed with it. Eric's sucked in now too. We watch an episode or two every night while I feed Olivia one last time & get settled into bed. I'm on season 6 & am going to be so sad when it's over. I totally understand the hype now. 

6 - Caramel Hot Chocolate 

I only drink hot chocolate if it's made with milk. I'm just a snob like that. The stuff that is made with water & comes out of a dispenser at Dunkin - nope, not drinking it. Starbucks hot chocolate is my favorite & I had my first one of the fall season yesterday morning because it was 64 degrees & finally felt a little bit like fall. Best way to order it = grande hot chocolate, nonfat milk, two pumps caramel, extra whip. Obviously the skim milk makes up for the extra whip. #duh 

7 - My Girls 

These two have been cracking me up all week long. First, Ella has decided she wants to be in all of my outfit pictures. 

And then you've got this girl who is growing like a weed! The difference between her 1 & 2 month pictures is insane. I thought it was just me, but all of my colleagues have agreed with me that she's really filled out this month. 

Have a Great Weekend Everyone! 

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