Monday, September 28, 2015

Bling, Babies & the Buffalo Bills

Did anyone else struggle to get out of bed this morning? I mean, I literally dragged Ella out of bed. Mondays can be rough... 

This weekend was excellent though! We started things off with a Stella & Dot trunk show at my house on Friday night. I love their trunk shows because they're so laid back & intimate. I had a few friends over, cracked a couple bottles of wine, made a couple appetizers & we were set! As you can see, Ella loved trying on all of the jewelry! I had to close the gate to our living room at one point because she kept sneaking out during the presentation. I'm praying I don't find a piece of it stashed in her playroom - that's a phone call I'd be mortified to make! (PS - my show is still open & you can order here!) 

Saturday morning was hectic because we had to get ready & drive to our hometown for my sister-in-law's baby shower. That meant I had to shop for (and wrap) a baby gift, pack all four of us, and get everyone dressed by 10. Yeah, that didn't happen. We were an hour late. That is so not me, but things happen & everyone understood. 

While the family "don't drop the baby" - aka egg toss - Olivia & I hung out on Grandma Connie's glider. It was a gorgeous day & she was so content to just snuggle with me. I could have sat there for hours... 

Lexi got tons of great gifts & Baby Corbin is going to be so loved! We tried to be practical, but I of course had to get him at least one little outfit... 

Funny side note: Eric's Aunt Pam hosted the shower & I didn't pick up on it until after the fact when his dad told us, but her "theme" was no utensils. There wasn't a single fork in the joint! We had subs, chips, veggies, and fruit with cookie cake for dessert. I think it's genius & will definitely be trying it myself in the future. 

Aunt Kari, Aunt Lexi, & Grammy Mary with Baby Olivia & myself

After the Baby Shower, we headed to my parents' country house to see them! My girls were just a little excited. It'd been three weeks, which is basically unheard of for us, so there were tons of snuggles & giggles when we arrived. 

Olivia must have been exhausted because she slept like the dead & woke up the happiest baby ever. 

Sunday morning we had brunch with my Aunt Babs & Grandma Gigi. Babs made lasagna, I made garlic bread & my mom made a salad. The girls provided entertainment for everyone. 

Eric insisted that we HAD to be home by 4 because the Bills played at 4:25. We made it by 3:45 & I was able to get Ella settled upstairs with "her shows" so that Liv & I could go out to get groceries. Liv was totally over her car seat at this point though, so I carried her in my Happy Baby wrap. I'm just getting comfortable carrying her in it, but I do have to say that a) she loves it & b) it made grocery shopping a lot easier because I didn't have to maneuver a huge cart through the store while trying to see over her car seat! 

We came home & watched the Bills win! I got the girls bags ready for the week & loaded the car while Eric made us some pizza. And while we were eating pizza for dinner, Ella crawled up next to me & asked if we could take a picture together. Of course I said yes. And even though it's a really crappy quality photo, I just love her little smile :) 

And now we're onto another week! It's Homecoming & Spirit Week at school! Even though I'll be crazy busy with cheerleading, it's one of my favorite weeks of the year. Go Rangers! 

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