Thursday, August 27, 2015

Summer Bucket List 2015 Update

Even as I'm enjoying the sunshine & salty air in Myrtle Beach this week, I'm facing the harsh reality that summer is coming to a close. The girls go back to Miss Jennie's on Monday & I start school again on Tuesday. So really, once we cross the New York state line & vacation ends, so does our summer vacation. #boo #wenttoofast 

I keep trying to remind myself how much fun we've squeezed into our summer though, so I thought it'd be a good time to recap Ella's Summer Bucket List & let you all know how we did! Spoiler Alert: We killed it! 

1 - Story Time at the Library 

We went to the library the first week of summer vacation on a very rainy day & combined this with #6 - having a playdate with Addy! The two girls absolutely loved our trip & I loved getting to see them play together! 

2 - Feed the Ducks 

I had every intention of going to the canal with Ella, but I totally underestimated how much work it is to take 2 kids out for even the simplest outing! 

3 - Splash Pad! 

Miss Jennie made this one happen & took Ella and Addy to a local splash pad on Ella's birthday! 

4 - Visit the Lake 

My sister's in-law's rented a place on Canandaigua Lake in July & we took full advantage of their hospitality! Ella was the only one who swam because the water was COLD - but we all enjoyed cruising the lake on the boat. 

5 - Bubbles! 

We did lots & lots of bubbles - especially after Olivia arrived - since it was something fun that we could do in the backyard! Ella got a bubble lawnmower for her birthday too, so that's been getting a workout as well. 

6 - Playdate with Addy (see #1) 

7 - Zoo Trip 

We took our cousin Ethan to the zoo in July & we had a great time! Ella's new favorite part is the "fossil dig" which is a glorified sandbox that causes a huge mess. But if it gets me out of having a sandbox in my own yard I'll gladly let her play in it! 

8 - Museum of Play 

This just didn't happen. I put it off, then when I finally got a day planned, we decided to go back to the trampoline park again instead. 

9 -  Playdate with Ethan (see #7)

10 - Blueberry Picking 

We didn't get to go Blueberry Picking, but we did pick blackberries & raspberries on my parents' property at the country house! 

11 - Road Trip!! 

We're here in Myrtle Beach as we speak! 

12 - Have a Sleepover at Aunt Britt's 

Ella had a couple sleepovers at her Aunt Britt's house! The most notable of her sleepovers was probably the night that I went into labor & she got dropped off in the middle of the night though. 

13 - Sidewalk Chalk 

All day, every day. Ella loves her chalk. 

14 - Bake on a Rainy Day

Nope. Didn't happen. Maybe next year...

15 - Do a Craft

We didn't do a lot of crafts (it's just not my strong suit), but we did manage to create firecrackers for the 4th of July! 

16 - Have a Picnic with Daddy at Work

Never got to this one. I don't think Eric is too upset about it either. We're kind of a handful these days... 

17 - Go Running 

I just had my first run on Monday morning & I am SORE. It's going to take me awhile to get back into it, but it feels good to be back, no matter how slowly I'm going. 

18 -Turn 3! 

You can read about Ella's Birthday Party here

19 - Get Tacos

This was an easy one! 

20 - Become a Big Sister! 

You can read about Olivia's arrival here

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