Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Show & Tell: Back to School Traditions

Here in New York, we don't actually go back to school until September - though we are going back before Labor Day this year which feels very strange to me - but as a teacher, my prep for back to school normally starts about two weeks after school ends :) What can I say? I just can't help myself... so even though I have a few weeks, I thought I'd link up with Andrea to share my back to school traditions.

1 - Pin Like a Crazy Person

Pinning for the new school year usually starts... oh during finals week when I finally start to have some down time. It's amazing how a teacher's mind works, you wish & wish for summer vacation, but then when you actually have downtime you suddenly have all of this energy to invest in prep for the next year! 

Some of my favorite ideas for this year... 
  • Loving these editable binder covers from Happily Hope for the upcoming school year. They're perfect for both students & teachers to stay organized... and bonus: they're free! 
  • This ah-mazing exit ticket bulletin board
  • I'm toying with creating a missing homework log, so that I have an easily accessible paper copy for parent teacher conferences. Sometimes paper is just more effective in proving a point than a computer screen! "Yes, your son does have three pages worth of missing homework in this log. Yes, that is why he is failing my class." 
  • I already have a bulletin board similar to this, but I want to jazz it up & add to it with some ideas from this post too!
2 - Clean My Closet

Every year I try to purge my closet & make room for some new purchases. (We're pretty limited on space at our house, so I try to do this once a season anyways, and back to school seems like as good a time as any.) I usually go through & pull out anything that I haven't worn in ages or that doesn't fit, then decide if I want to consign it or donate it. Then, I take stock of what I "need" to purchase for fall. This year, I'll be doing this for Ella's closet/dresser as well, since she's had a serious growth spurt & I'm quite positive her jeans from spring aren't going to fit her at all come September! 

3 - Purchase School Supplies

I love school supplies! My school purchases the basics for me, but I also take advantage of the serious sales to stock up on my favorites like Sharpie pens and essentials like loose leaf paper. My favorite places to stock up are normally Target & Staples, but now that we have a Costco in town, I'll be scoping out their deals too! 

4 - Set Up My Classroom

Setting up my classroom is a serious labor of love. Since I just had Olivia, I'll be keeping a lot of things the same, I just don't have the same amount of time to dedicate to it that I normally do in a summer. However, I have a lot of plans for small projects to jazz up my bulletin boards & organize my space little by little! 

5 - Plan, Plan, Plan

Since back to school is also back to cheer for me, I don't have a ton of extra time to plan. Thus, I spend a lot of time in August planning ahead for September & October. To be honest, I actually started planning for the first week of school back in June, just so I'd have things sent to print shop & ready for my arrival. I know it might seem crazy, but the more that I can do ahead, the less hectic the first few weeks are! 

6 - Take First & Last Day of School Photos

I just love having a comparison of how much my kids have grown throughout the year! These photos of Ella are some of my favorites & I can't wait to add Olivia to them this year too. 

Less Than a Month of Summer Left! 


  1. Ohhhhh your classroom looks so nice! We're in the tristate area too and usually go back after labor day, but are going back BEFORE this year which feels so strange! It's nice to still have another month :-)
    - Erin (No Bohns About It)

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