Monday, August 3, 2015

#LiveBrighter This Summer!

With newborn at home& temperatures in the high 80's every day, I've been really tempted to curl up on the couch, crank the AC & binge watch Netflix. But summer only lasts a short while in Upstate NY, so I'm fighting my urges & spending as much time outside this summer in an effort to have fun, reduce my energy consumption & #LiveBrighter!

Want to do the same? Here are four of my family's favorite ways to #LiveBrighter this summer!

1 - Snack on a Cool Treat

Popsicles & frozen yogurt are absolute musts in our house as soon as the temperature starts to rise. I wish I could say that I've been making gourmet popsicles from recipes I've found on Pinterest, but alas with a newborn, we're eating the classic store bought version & still loving every second of it!

2 - Take a Field Trip 

When it gets really warm, we like to take field trips to places that we know will have the AC cranking. My thought is, if they're already blasting theirs, why should I pay to blast mine too? So, we spend a lot of time at our local trampoline park & browsing at the mall!

3 - Visit All the Spray Parks!

Spray parks are a recent discovery in Ella's world & she absolutely loves them! We've been teaming up with her besties on hot days to get out & have some fun!

4 - Turn Your Back Yard into a Kid Friendly Oasis

On days that it's just too much for me to get everyone packed up & out the door, we turn our yard into our own personal fun zone! Ella has quite the set up with a pool, trampoline, water table, & play house - and sometimes we get really crazy & turn the sprinkler on too! I swear, these might be her favorite days because she can just run & be free - and they might be my favorite days, just because it's a lot of work to pack up a newborn!

How are you living brighter this summer? 

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