Thursday, August 6, 2015

Life Lately...

It's been awhile since we caught up on day to day life around here! This is what we've been up to lately... 

Ella started dance classes! I signed her up for a 4 week summer session to see if she'd like it & she absolutely loves it! We've got her signed her up for the school year too now & I'm already dreaming of taking pictures of her in her recital costume next spring. 

Even though we had a big party for her, we celebrated Ella's actual birthday by taking her out for dinner & ice cream. She was intrigued by the hard ice cream flavors, but ended up going with vanilla soft serve & rainbow sprinkles. 

Ella had her 3 year well visit & is growing up way too fast. Unfortunately, we found out that she needs to see a pediatric ophthalmologist & might need glasses. It's completely breaking my heart because I grew up with glasses & know what a pain they are, but at least they have some really cute ones for little girls these days. 

We spent last Thursday & Friday at my parents' country house. Ella absolutely loves it these & spent hours playing outside. My parents even took her on a nature walk to pick raspberries! 

On Saturday, my mom, sister & I took Olivia to her first festival! Park Ave Festival is always one of our favorites of the year & the weather was perfect for it. Liv snoozed through most of it, but seemed to enjoy being outside for the afternoon. I'm happy to report that I was able to resist all of the fried temptations at the festival too! Gotta build that willpower back up! 

We've been taking lots of walks in the double stroller. Ella loves being able to pop up & check on her little sister. Olivia still isn't entirely sure what to think about the whole thing... hence the wicked side eye she's giving me in this picture.

This is Liv's standard half-awake stroller walking face. Ella has been spending a lot of time at her different grandparents' houses since Olivia was born. The decline is 1:1 attention at our house has been really hard on her, more so than I was expecting, so we're trying to let her take advantage of opportunities for overnights more than we normally would. So, that means that Olivia & I have had lots of solo walks too. 

And from Ella's second week of dance... a princess parade through the waiting room! 

And lastly... this is Liv's life lately. Snoozing & eating & looking cute every chance she gets! 

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  1. My daughter is just a few days older than Ella and has been wearing glasses for just about a year now. We found out around her 2nd birthday that she is extremely farsighted. We were a little bummed at first but now she doesn't look herself when she has her glasses off. You are right, there are some very cute choices for girls now. She just got her third pair and I LOVE them all. Good luck with your appointment.


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