Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone! I'm going to keep this short & sweet today because we're supposed to be leaving for my parents' country house in about 4 hours, and I have a ton of errands/packing that needs to be done! I'd like to blame it on Liv, but nope, I just kind of stayed in my bed until 9:30 embracing the opportunity to be lazy for the first time in weeks. That was most definitely a favorite too... 

Favorite 1 - Olivia's Birth Announcements 

I got an awesome deal from Tiny Prints in my email last weekend, so I designed & ordered Liv's birth announcements. Actually, I designed three options then let Eric choose his favorite. They arrived way faster than I expected & went out in the mail this morning. I'm loving how classic & girly they are! 

Favorite 2 - Snap Chat 

It took me a long time to jump on the Snapchat bandwagon. The middle school teacher in me remembers when it first came out & was for sending nudie pics - which caused a whole lot of work for my best friend who's a school counselor. These days though, I'm loving following some of my favorite bloggers & sharing "snaps" of my own day too! My username is bribliss6376 so add me! 

Favorite 3 - Parenthood 

I am completely in love with the Bravermans. I had heard so many people rave about the show & decided to watch it on a whim during a cluster feed the other night. Now I'm completely obsessed & can't get enough of them! 

Favorite 4 - 

This cartoon had me laughing out loud. #storyofmylife 

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  1. Her birth announcement is so darling!!!


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