Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday Favorites from Our Crazy Week

This week has been an absolute whirlwind! Normally, Ella goes to daycare on Wednesdays in the summer & since Olivia has been born, she's also spent at least one extra day with her grandparents. This week, Miss Jennie was on vacation & I'm too proud to call and ask beg for help from Eric's parents. So... it was all me, all the time. 

Add to that the fact that I taught a Middle School Prep class on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights.... leaving Eric on his own with both girls for the first time, we're all a little frazzled. Despite that, we've managed to have a lot of fun together! Here are my favorite moments from the week... 

Ella with my parents at Mom's Birthday BBQ
On Monday, one of our favorite people in the world turned 50! (And since my mom was married on her birthday, her & my dad celebrated their 30 year wedding anniversary too!) We didn't get to see her on her actual birthday, but we had a BBQ last Sunday to celebrate with all of our favorite people! 

my sister & my cousin Megan - two of my favorites since childhood

Eric works from home on Tuesdays, making it my favorite day of the week in the summer!  

Liv doesn't always know what to think of these two... 

On Wednesday, we went to my classroom to do some set up! I know it's crazy that this little space is one of my favorite places, since it is work after all, but it's one place that I have complete creative control of the layout & decor, so I really embrace it! I still have more to do, but will have time to finish up next week before we leave on vacation. 

watching Sofia the First while I worked

On Thursday, we headed to one of our favorite summer play spots with one of our favorite aunts! Eric's sister came to help me wrangle Ella at the trampoline park. She lasted for about an hour and a half before we had to go. Jumping is a lot of hard work! 

playing chase

jumping in the foam pit together!
And, my favorite peanut turned 1 month old yesterday! 

This weekend we have zero travel plans & zero company coming to visit. That's a first for the summer, so we're planning to catch up on a bunch of cleaning & errands that we've been too busy to get done. Nothing too exciting, but I know I'll feel better leaving for the beach next week when it's all done! 


  1. Just followed your blog! So happy I did, it's lovely here, I think I will stay forever! haha


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