Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Foot in Mouth

I just want to formally apologize to all of my friends who warned me that going from one to two kids is one of the hardest transitions you'll ever make in life. I brushed off your comments & rolled my eyes behind your back. You were right, I was wrong. I'm sorry. Two kids is exhausting...

I think that I thought because Ella & I were such a well oiled machine, we'd just find a way to incorporate Olivia into our lives & everything would be a-ok. And in some ways that has been the case. For instance, last Monday we went to Target to pick up a few things just like we normally would, except instead of Ella riding in the seat, she rode on the back of the cart or held my hand & Olivia sat in her car seat. The trip in the store was relatively normal, though I didn't linger as long as I normally would because I knew I had to get Olivia home to eat.

Other aspects of our life have been completely turned upside down though. We aren't getting out of the house for our usual marathon errand sessions. In fact, we typically only venture as far as Target or Wegmans if I'm flying solo with the kids. That means I'm shopping & eating out less though & Ella is perfectly content to spend time at home in our backyard. 

That doesn't mean she's content to share me though... we have plenty of meltdowns when I'm feeding Olivia & can't immediately get up to play or get her something! In fact, the other day Ella had an accident in her pull up (I'm talking #2) and when I asked her why, she informed me, and I quote - "I'm upset with you, so I pooped." My jaw fell to the floor! She's also the queen of the guilt trip with statements like, "You only play with Livvy & not me." At first it broke my heart, but I'm slightly more rational now & realize that while that may be her reality, it isn't actual reality. I am doing my best to devote 1 on 1 time with Ella every day & know that she'll adjust to our new normal with time. 

Overall, it's hard, but we're loving it. Here's to three more weeks at home with my little loves & enjoying the rest of summer!

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