Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Fitness Update & What I Wore Wednesday...

Slowly but surely, I'm fitting back into more & more of my regular clothes! I currently weigh 138 pounds, and have been sitting there for two weeks now. That means I have 10 pounds to go until I'm back at my "happy weight." Of those 10 pounds, I'm pretty sure that at least 3 of them are in my boobs &  the other 7 may hang on until I start running again, which won't be for another 2 weeks. Part of me wonders if they might just stick around until I'm done breastfeeding too though... so I may just have to be patient. 

As far as exercise goes, I'm only supposed to be walking, so I'm shooting for my 10,000 steps every day. Some days that's easier said than done. Some days I'm strapped to the couch feeding Olivia every hour. Other days, I manage to wrangle both girls into the stroller only to discover it has started raining. So... I'm doing the best I can with that. 

My outfits are a little repetitive because I'm limited by what I can easily feed Olivia in. This past weekend, I packed a dress for my mom's birthday party & went to get dressed, only to realize I'd have to go hide in my room while I fed Liv every time because it'd involve basically pulling the dress up & exposing myself. So... tank tops & button downs it is for now! 

jeans - Loft // tank - Loft

shorts - J.Crew // button down - J.Crew // tank - Loft // sandals - Tory Burch

romper - J.Crew Factory // sandals - Michael Kors // necklace - Kendra Scott

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  1. For some reason I haven't thought of pairing my button down with shorts, but yours is so cute. I might have to give it a try!


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