Monday, August 24, 2015

Fall Favorites from Athleta

Since I head back to school next week, I suppose I should face the reality that fall is coming. I really do love fall, it's just that summer is never long enough in Upstate NY. If summer & winter could just switch places, then I'd be a happy camper. One thing that's easing the blow of the impending cooler weather is fall fashion & I literally squealed with delight when the Fall Athlete catalog arrived at my house a few weeks ago. I'm loving all of the deep hues & stripes! Here are my absolute favorite pieces for fall... 

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1 - Wherever Bra - I think this is the perfect bra to wear for a gym workout & immediately transition to errands! If we're being honest, I'd probably wear it for errands without a trip to the gym too... 

2 - Shine Stripe Chi Tank - Loving the racerback on this tank & the deep navy color! 

3 - Highrise Chaturanga Tight - I love highrise leggings because my midsection is my trouble area & they really suck it all in! The fact that these come in navy is a major bonus because I always struggle to find navy leggings & our school colors are navy & gold! 

4 - Striper Tee - This looks like the perfect casual tee for fall weekends! It'd go perfectly with leggings or skinnies & could easily be paired with a cardigan as it gets chillier! 

5 - Full Focus Bra - Love the straps & the color! 

6 - Sentry Hoodie - Eric would tell you that I already have too many hoodies but a) I felt this one in the store & it's really soft and b) it has a funnel neck which is perfect for fall because you can burrow down into it on chilly nights! 

7 - Stripes Chaturanga Capri - I've wanted a pair of striped leggings since I saw this pin & I think these could make my dreams come true. 

8 - Stretch In Skort - I already own this skort in grey & black, so I obviously need it in maroon too ;) 

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