Monday, July 13, 2015

Weekend Recap - Still No Baby Edition

So... I really had high hopes that today's post would be titled "Lady Olivia is Here!", but alas... still no baby. I thought we were headed in that direction Friday night, but nothing. I never in a million years thought I'd go a month past when I had Ella with my second pregnancy, so to say that I'm getting impatient is a huge understatement. So as you read this, know that the "go, go, go" mentality we had this weekend is the direct result of everyone in my life trying to distract me. 

Ella was playing at her Grammy Nancy's on Friday, so Eric decided to surprise me by taking the day off & whisking me off to the lake again. My sister was still there with her in-law's for the week & invited us back out to go on the pontoon for the afternoon. It was such a gorgeous day that there was no way we could pass it up! 

Eric went out sailing for his first time... 

basically a week away from my due date, just working on my tan... 

using life jackets to float in the middle of the lake
On Saturday morning, my mom picked up Ella & we all went to Corn Hill Festival for the day. Corn Hill is an arts festival that we normally find tons of great stuff at, but this year we literally bought a $3 princess wand for Ella. Nothing else. #youwinsomeyoulosesome

We did have some great festival food for lunch though! 

After the festival, my mom & I ran to Party City to get the supplies for Ella's upcoming birthday party, then she had to leave to go back & meet my dad. #boo Ella & I definitely didn't want her to leave, but at least I know the next time I see her it will be because Olivia is here! 

I ended up falling asleep after my mom left, and it was glorious. I never take naps, but when I do, I feel amazing. Eric woke me up around 5 though so that we could go out for a fancy dinner.... at Olive Garden. 

I swear, Ella ate her weight in breadsticks! She absolutely loved them & ate a ton of my fettucine too. Somehow, we still went home with enough leftovers for lunch the next day too. Hence, why I love Olive Garden. 

Our plan was to eat, then hit up Costco for a bunch of bulk supplies we know we'll need once Olivia arrives. We don't want to be running out to the store every 5 minutes, so it seemed like the reasonable thing to do. But... Costco closes at 6 on Saturday & we had no idea that was the case. Thankfully, the employee checking cards at the door took pity on us & let us in. So we literally had 10 minutes to get everything... and there were no samples! This is how Ella & I felt about that... 

We finished off our wild Saturday night with snuggles in "mama's bed" while watching Sofia the First & admiring Ella's new princess back pack that came in her box of Pull-Ups. 

By the grace of God, Ella slept until 7 on Sunday morning, so we all got a laid back start to the day. We ate breakfast, took showers, and got ourselves ready for a family trip to the zoo. Ella absolutely loves it when her daddy gets to join us & was over the moon to show him all of her favorite things!

We spent the rest of the day grocery shopping, napping, tent building, & grilling! We're all hopeful Olivia will be here soon, but until then we're happy to hang out just the three of us :) 

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  1. We were at Costco on Saturday AND the Zoo on Sunday! We were "this close" to a blogger meetup!


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