Monday, July 20, 2015

Weekend Recap: New Baby Edition

Our weekend was extremely low key. Mostly time at home, interrupted by short trips out of the house. It started with a lazy Friday night with my sister & brother in law. They brought over pulled pork tacos & we all hung out. Ella was still at her Grandma Nancy's & we all thought the house was eerily quiet without her, but Eric & I embraced it and slept in until almost 9 on Saturday morning. (Well, technically I'd been up many times throughout the night, so I don't know if that still qualifies as sleeping in...) 

Once we were awake & I'd made omlettes, we got a from Eric's mom asking if we wanted to meet them at The Public Market. It was a beautiful day, so we agreed & started to get ourselves ready. OMG - it took us forever to get out the door. Olivia needed to eat, I had to reload the diaper bag, she had a blowout diaper... I forgot how much work it is to leave the house with a newborn! 

Finally, we made our way to the market & met up with everyone. It was super hot & muggy by that time though, so our stay was short. Instead, we headed to have lunch at Jeremiah's, where Ella basically sat on my lap through the whole meal because she was starved for attention... 

After lunch, we headed home for naps all around, then got ready to go to Uncle Matt's Birthday BBQ! We had steaks, potatoes, corn, and a smorgasbord of desserts from Savoia's Pastry Shop! 

Ella brushing her puppy while Liv chills with Aunt Britt

Sunday morning got started around 4 a.m. when Liv woke up & wanted to eat. I crept downstairs & fed her while watching reruns of The Fresh Prince and when she was done, I was wide awake. I toyed with the idea of just chilling in the living room & watching tv while she went back to sleep, but decided I'd be stupid not to go back up to my bed and at least try to go back to bed. Turns out that was a good idea because the whole family ended up sleeping until 7. Well, Eric actually slept until almost 9 while I played downstairs with Ella & Liv wiggled around on the floor next to us. 

I'm so sad this photo is blurry because it was such a precious moment...
We had absolutely zero planned for the day, so I decided to get Ella's pool out for her to play. It was hot & humid for us while we were outside watching her, but she absolutely loved it and played for hours then passed out for a solid nap. 

My Aunt Babs & Grandma Gigi made a surprise appearance after Ella's nap too! They drove up to meet Olivia, but brought Ella her birthday present early so that she'd have something to keep busy with while everyone was doting over the baby. 

The present was definitely a hit! 

Our original plan for the night was to grill up some dinner then walk to get ice cream cones in celebration of National Ice Cream Day. But... Babs & Grandma left just before dinner, and neither Eric nor I had the motivation to cook. So instead, I ran out to grab us some subs for Wegmans and we chased those down with bowls of chocolate peanut butter ice cream  from our freezer. It ended up being far more low key & relaxed, which was exactly what we all needed! 

I spent the rest of the evening snuggling with my girls, taking care of laundry - seriously, one tiny person is making a huge difference in our laundry schedule - and picking up the house.

And that brings us to today... my first day at home with both kids on my own. Wish me luck! 

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  1. How adorable :) Looks like a sweet weekend!!!


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