Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Miss Ella's Fancy Flamingo Fiesta!

This Saturday evening we celebrated my favorite soon-to-be three year old by hosting Ella's Fancy Flamingo Fiesta in our backyard! 

We had about thirty of our family members & close friends over to our house for a taco bar and a whole lot of back yard fun! Eric was really hesitant to do tacos, but it ended up being super simple & we didn't have to spend our evening in the kitchen. I had everything sliced & diced ahead of time, so all that had to be done was grill the chicken & serve! 

I admit that I kept it pretty low key this year, at least in comparison to last year's party, but I was also really adamant that I didn't want to look back in photos & say "Oh yeah, that was the year I had Olivia & completely blew off Ella's birthday..." With a lot of help from my mom, sister, and mother-in-law, I think I was able to strike a happy medium. 

Barkley wasn't sure what to think about our floating flamingo coozies!

Ella got a water table from Eric's mom - HUGE HIT on a hot & muggy night!

I had no shortage of help holding Olivia! I basically only got to hold her when it was time for her to eat, otherwise she was being passed around like a hot potato.

Ella's boyfriend, Keith, helped her open all of her birthday presents. At first I was worried she was going to flip out, but she actually loved it & they were super cute together.

 Ella got a trampoline from my parents, just like the one she loves at Keith's house! They had a blast jumping on it & I know they'll spend a lot more time on it together in the coming weeks!

I had intended for the pool to be for decoration, but the kids had other plans...

We had funfetti cake with layers of strawberry buttercream filling, iced with pink ombre buttercream down the sides! It was so delicious & I can't say enough good things about Scratch Bake Shop. We had an ordeal with the cake because of the hot and humid weather & they came through with phenomenal customer service to make sure Ella's cake was perfect! If you're local to Rochester, I highly recommend them! 

A huge thanks to my sister for taking all of these photos! I was so busy running around, talking to guests, and feeding Olivia that I barely touched my phone all night. I'm so grateful that she snapped all of these for me! 

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  1. This is such a cute theme Bri! Love it and you can just tell that the kids had fun :)


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