Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July Goals


So... I'm a week late to the game on this. I had a bunch of other stuff planned for the blog last week, but didn't want to let a recap of my June goals & goal setting for July slip by either. So here you have it, my July goals... posting a week late - but actually written back in June! 

July Goals: 

  • Have a baby! 
    • As Ella said the other night... "you can come out now." 
  • Plan Ella's birthday party! 
    • Ella's birthday party is scheduled for July 25th, which is only a week after my due date. My doctor has assured me she won't make me go past my due date though, so I'm trying not to stress about it! I've already checked quite a few things off my to-do list for the party, so I should be ok! 
  • Check off 5 items from Ella's Summer Bucket List
    • We're working hard on this one, trying to squeeze in as much as possible before Olivia arrives! 
  • Maintain exercise & healthy eating habits.
    • I'm really quite happy with my weight gain & endurance at this point. If I can just keep it up until Olivia arrives, I should be in a good place to get back into shape in August! (Notice I say August, because I'm totally giving my body a few weeks to recuperate after birth. No need to kill myself jumping back in too soon!)
  • Get car maintenanced & detailed. 
    • I really need to get my oil changed (I'm absolutely horrible at this) & my SUV could really benefit from a thorough cleaning - it's been a year since I've had it professionally done & we basically live in our car during the school year! I don't really want Olivia riding home in a dirt wagon, so I should probably prioritize this one... 

And how did I do on my June goals? Let's take a look... 
  • Finish up all work responsibilities. - Done! I was so happy that I was able to finish up everything on my own, even while being on half days for almost half the month. I'd been really concerned that I'd have to leave a ton of loose ends if Olivia came early, so knowing that I made it to the end felt pretty darn good. 

  • Pack hospital bags. - Umm... I think this is done. Olivia's is definitely done & has been for weeks. Mine feels like it's going to be a last minute thing no matter what I do. I use a lot of the items that need to be in the bag daily & am not buying duplicates just to leave them sitting by my door. So what I can pack is packed, everything else is listed out on a checklist to be thrown in before we leave. 

  • Keep up with my exercise & healthy eating. - Done, well mostly. I mentioned in my 37 Week Bumpdate that finals week was pretty rough as far as eating goes. I did go over my calories 5 days last month & definitely made some less than stellar choices. However, I kept up my exercise & still tracked every bite that I ate - which is huge because there are many days where I wanted to say "oh the damage is already done, why even bother?" If nothing else, accountability prevailed. 

  • Find time to play with Ella every day. - Done! Even when I was working half days & "taking it easy," Ella & I found time together every day. Some days that was snuggling & watching a show together. A lot of the time it was building block towers & doing puzzles. I'm just so glad I've gotten to soak her in because she's absolutely hilarious right now! 

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