Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Favorites: Hospital Edition

I never packed my hospital bag with Ella. I know, it's a right of passage, but I really didn't think I needed it yet at 35 weeks when I was unexpectedly admitted to have her & instead just sent Eric a ton of random texts of what I needed. With both of the girls, he went back & forth from the hospital to shower and pick up food, so he was always able to pick up whatever I needed. I'm kind of spoiled like that. 

This time around, I did have my bag packed, as well as Olivia's. So, even though he still got some really random texts about things I "needed," I was for more prepared this time around - one of the perks of an extra month of pregnancy. I'm not going to go into all of the basics, but I did want to share some of the items that I couldn't have lived without and others that we got tons of compliments on in the hospital! 

Favorite #1: Bow Hats

Olivia was known in the labor & delivery wing as the "cute little girl with the bow hat." Everyone who came in would say, "OMG I saw her in the nursery/hall & just loved her hat!" Our lactation consultant even came back in & asked if I could give her the information on where I bought it from because her daughter is pregnant with a little girl too! 

Her bow hat is from Queen Bee Beanies & she actually has two of them. I just love how they look in all of her pictures & that they fit her so well. Expect to be seeing lots of them in the next few weeks... 

Favorite #2: Vera Bradley Baby Blanket 

I bought Olivia's blanket on Zulily, but it's on sale on the Vera Bradley website for $15 right now! This is seriously the softest blanket ever & I just love the satin trim on the edges too. It was a complete impulse purchase, but I'm so glad that I bought it! Olivia loves it & I think it will end up being her "lovie" as she grows. 

Favorite #3: My Life Planner

I didn't have my Life Planner packed in my hospital bag, but I did have it in my handbag when I went to triage on Sunday night (more on that later, but I really thought I'd be going back home after a quick check). So while I didn't intentionally pack it, I am so glad that I had it with me. I used it to keep all sorts of lists & had it on hand to schedule all of our follow up appointments. I'm really starting to question how I ever lived without it... 

Favorite #4: Sweedish Fish & Gummy Worms

You want to make friends? Send your husband out for bulk gummy candy & keep it in your hospital room. Everyone who visited loved our stash & I definitely ate my own share too. 

And you can't purchase my last favorite, but I just have to include them on the list. My mom & dad are absolutely amazing & I am so glad that they were able to be at the hospital just hours after Olivia arrived. They had just been here for the weekend & were literally only 10 minutes away from their home in Saratoga when I called them to let them know I was going to triage to get checked out. I kept reassuring them that I'd be going home & to just go to bed... until I called at 11 & told them I was getting induced! I know that neither of them slept very much that night & they were already getting repacked when Eric called them at 4:45 to tell them that Olivia was here. They made the 4 hour drive back again, rearranged their schedules, pampered Miss Ella & just made my day. Like I said, I just have the best parents... 

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